Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Meeting people on the internet

So. Yesterday I actually didn't have to open...and had a couple small hours open after work. So what were my plans then?

To meet a stranger I had only briefly talked with via text upon the interwebs!!

Well, for starters...no, he wasn't a man that lived in a van down by the river, nor was he a gruff 40 year-old driver that kept a chainsaw and hockey mask on-hand wherever he went...but actually ended up being a surprisingly normal human being by the name of "Rubber Duckie" Steve. A friendly guy associated with MX, he's a big anime and rpg geek without being creepy about it...pretty nice! Dunno what the name of his town was, though...something odd that started with C in Illinois. The only reason I visited him was because I found out he lived an hour (...more with blasted 80-94 construction >_<) away from me and he actually was a friendly guy.

This hasn't been my first meeting with someone upon the internet, much less going right to their house. Now, if I was female and/or younger, this would definitely be something I wouldn't take so light-heartedly. But, from the people I've screened and have had opportunities due to time/location to meet up with folks...they've all turned out pretty nice! I still thought it was awesome how I got to shack up at internet friend Alty's apartment whilst I was out visiting in Washington. Also I met up with Jenna and, this time, I was (temporarily) treated as the possibly creepy stalker instead. Who drives two hours to go meet someone anyways? ;) I've dropped in on other folks because of the internet, sometimes spontaneously. One time I found out Fallon was going to be home for a bit...so I went on a bike ride to the area I knew she lived, then after getting directions from random folks true ninja style, I kinda shocked her by appearing on her doorstep.

The reason I'm talking about internet meetings tonight is because there was another event that coincided with my own meeting upon this day: seeing Adam Hanley's family. They stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner, and I conveniently got my break during this time, and got to sit down and talk for a bit. For those of you who don't know...Adam was a guy that became frustrated with his family, and decided to move out. Place after place he went to, until he was whisked away on a magical journey about the United States, including Ohio, Alabama, and I don't know where else. It was always internet friends, known for one reason or another. And finally his journey ended by moving back with his parents...but lo, his journey has not ended.

It was revealed to me that almost a year ago, Adam had finally achieved his semi truck-driving license. As far as anybody knew, things were going okay. Then, out of nowhere...he abandoned his truck. His sister told me it was in Ohio, possibly by a girl he knew out there. And that was the last place anyone knows he definitely was. His dad then told me abandoning one's truck like that is surprisingly a common occurance...though for what reason, I really don't know. So, Hanley is missing...nobody knows for sure...but I also was told his family received a weird phone call where a fellow by the name "Jason" told them he was doing okay and was working as a carnie out in Florida. And that's literally all that I know.

This day was also Adam's birthday. He'd be 25 now.

I guess I have to have some sort of point to this post, having written so much...ummmm.... "Be responsible with internet meetings. Don't be stupid!"

And knowing is half the battle!
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