Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"You need a girlfriend"

Yesterday I opened at work with a guy named Billy. He's kind of a scruffy guy, and also surprisingly goofy, despite his age. I'm guessing he's...mid-30's, perhaps? Well...one hour while we were washing dishes, he looked over to me in an attempt at conversation and asked, "Hey Mikey, you ever dated a psycho?" "Actually, I've never had a girlfriend." "You're ****ing me.... How old are you now?" "Twenty-two." "That's sad...."

I know I've addressed this subject in the past, but in response to the subject of this post, I want to say NO I DON'T! G'ahh...it's been getting on my nerves how much people think others' lives should follow a set pattern and if they don't go with that, there's something wrong. The pattern that's proposed my mass society is we grow up, go to school, then graduate, then after that go to college, go get a successful job that pays lots and lots and lots of money, and somewhere along the line you're supposed to fall in love, get married, and have a family, then retire in your 50/60's, and live out the rest of your days soaking up sun in Cancun.

But who says you have to do that?! My view is that your life is to do with what you want. Now...I'm not advocating the use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, because "it's your life, and you can do whatever you want with it"...because those are serious dead ends. :\ They will wreck and mess up your life more than whatever "solace" you might find in them, until they're a debilitating crutch in your life you find yourself needing to survive. No...what I'm saying is that whatever choices you make in your life, however they might go...they're yours. Who's to say you're supposed to go to college? Who's to say you're supposed to "fall in love" or get married? While I think love really is one of the best things ever, if not the best in the world...who says you're "supposed" to get married to some nice girl some day? If you ever do that, it should be your own decision. And, again, I want to clarify I'm not advocating wreckless behavior--going out and being a "player" and picking up lots and lots of boy/girls out there, as if it's some sort of game. If you do that, I want to punch you in the face. People's hearts are not something that you should take so lightly. :\

Lately, my mom has been dropping mentions here and there about me not having a girlfriend and needing one. Actually...not long ago, my parents went to the mall and met up with my pal Shawn Parent working over at "As Seen on TV" (it's a store with only infomercial products in there...which can actually be a very good thing, as well as kinda scary ^_^;). I'm actually a little offended that they told him that I need a girlfriend so that she can "straighten me out". Now I know that could be taken a couple different ways...and yes, a lot of people out there have thought me gay in the past (I'm not, f.y.i.), but I really don't think I need somebody in my life who's supposed to "change me". I understand there are a couple things that could use improvement in my life right now, but I don't need somebody in my life to do that! =\

I'd just like it if people would get over their impressions of how life is supposed to go, and that you're supposed to follow the same pattern as everyone else in the world. Me...I'd like to follow my own path. I'm not saying I would go on a magical journey about the world, nobody knowing if you're alive or dead, like my pal Adam Hanely...but I definitely hope to live a life less than ordinary. Maybe some day I'll find a girl...but if I do, it's going to be on my own account, not anybody else's. I just wish people would leave me alone. :\
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