Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Defying all laws of physics

These past few days were nothing a week ago I would have expected to happen.

Work has been pounding me. A lot. I've been on the road with a sometimes dead cell phone, delivering pizzas, and I've been waiting for another off day. It was around then that Tessa was out in Grand Rapids (a two-hour drive away from me)...but unfortunately, I couldn't switch with anyone at work to get to drive up to see her. I saw, way, wayyyy at the end of the schedule, on Monday...I had an off day. ...but then next week's schedule came out.

I had two days off at the beginning of the week. Through a complete freak accident...somehow, the main manager had just given me three days off in a row. This was the equivalent of vacation time. o_O ...so...what did I think to do? ...instead of visiting Tessa in Grand Rapids...I was gonna travel to her home town and see her there! XD

...but also I'm going to be working such a freaking long time now when I get back...! ^_^;;

I'm typing this now out from her computer in the very heartland of Wisconsin. The past few days I've been here and enjoying myself. Tessa is exactly what she is like online: psychotic. But at the same time, she's still a great friend and awesome person...and I'm not saying that because I'm here and she'll likely read this entry when she gets back. ^_^; I'm really glad I got to meet her like this, and though she plans to leave for South America for almost a year really pretty soon...hey, I'd like to drive up to see her like this again when she comes back. :) ...except, ah...this...time, I'm hoping she won't make such a fuss of my appearance and pin me down to clip my eyebrows and force me to be a guinea pig for her haircutting experiments.... ^_^;;

Something that has been on my mind the entire time I've been here, though, is an incident that occurred on my way up here. Oh, a quick note to anybody who's read my locked entries...that girl I've liked, I sort of backed off. I've just...felt and noticed some things, realizing that her and I couldn't "be together". So...please don't ask me about her anymore. I suppose it was something I had to deal with at some point in my life...and I'm glad I went through it...but it's over now.

But, by honestly sheer coincidence...this then happened. I had crossed the Wisconsin border for not even a half-hour when my phone rang, and somehow, I was actually in an area that had a signal. Not being Tessa, my parents, or work asking me if I could come into work that day (HA!!!), it was a great Christian pal of mine from Canada. We both had talked before about our views of love and crushes, and I've found her to be someone I looked forward to hearing from, and during the course of our discussions, I'd given her my cell phone number. It were my AMV's that had first gotten her attention, and our friendship just kind of went from there. But when I heard this line from her...I thought I knew what she was going to say, but I really didn't believe it would happen. "I thought about what you said yesterday...with crushes and how people should just be honest with each other, and also that super-ooper crush I had. ...well...oh, this is hard for meeeee...!" "May I ask?" "Sure!" "...is it me?" "...maybe...!"

I don't remember how I reacted. I don't remember what I said right there. A girl just called me up on her lunch break and confessed that she had liked me. For the first time in my life, 22 years now...someone said those words to me and told me about how long they had harbored feelings for me. After we hung up...I sat there smiling. ...whoah. Then about five minutes later, it finally hit me, then I rolled up the window and turned off the radio, then decided to inquire about what just went on. "God!! 'Ey!! What...what just happened?! What just went on?! She...she likes--! How...'d that happen? She said--! HEY, GOD!!" Yes, it was along those lines. ^_^;

But...well, I didn't expect this to happen...not for a long, long time, if ever...and no, she didn't do and say all that to me because she felt sorry for me. It's...bahhhhh, it's...I'm sorry to be pushing this on anyone who's single and lonely...but...I'm sorry, I thought a lot of people out there should just know about this. Really...I don't know what the future might hold for either of us...but...just somewhere out there, even though it's a country away...there's a girl who genuinely likes me. Ah yeah, and to that Canadian friend...don't post anything, I'll just talk to you later. ^_^;

Now, I'd still like to know exactly how this happened to me. o_o;
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