Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Rubbing elbows

So today is a day I've been waiting for for awhile. By likely some miracle, I was able to catch my boss making the schedule a few week's ahead, and told her I wanted this day off...and she simply accepted right then and there. And today...is "Shine Fest". This is a concert where some of the biggest names in Christian music are going to get together on the campus of Olivette Nazarene University, have two stages set up outside (it's a gorgeous, though hot, day outside!), and they are going to rock. Hard.

So apart from my interest in seeing these bands...what else brings me out there? Two names. Superchick and Sanctus Real. When I first heard them announced among the line-up, my jaw went slack, I got a blank stare, and I immediately got a hold of people via text on my cellphone, letting 'em know, "DUDE!! I'VE GOTTA GO TO THIS!" You see...for those probably unfamiliar with my hobby, a couple of the anime music videos I've done have been with their songs...and as it's currently rated, they both hold the highest respective ratings on the site. Whoo! :D So...though I've tried contacting them and sending them copies of those AMV's...today, thanks to borrowing a laptop, I hope to go out there and share these with them...uh...granted they never saw the videos, and just didn't feel like getting a hold of me back. ^_^; But even still!! I'd like to share these videos with their fans, and even plan on bringing a small pack of CD's to burn the videos for anyone who'd like copies.

But...yeah, about when I finish typing out this entry, I'm gonna be heading out the door and shooting out to Bourbonnais, IL. I don't really know what I'm expecting.... I'm not even going to try to predict or hope what might come of it. My guess is they'll say it's cool and move on. Actually, I searched through amv.org to try and find other videos people have done for some of these artists, but unfortunately, as is normally the case...Christian artists are never really popular with the mainstream...so I found virtually nill when searching...except for this one! Egads, 89 ops right now?! Thousand Foot Krutch hopefully will love this AMV! Yay ninjas.

So...I'm going out. I'll make another entry...soon...-ish...about what all went on. You folks take care. ;)
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