Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"I'll do it...for a cookie!!"

I honestly don't mean to talk about Amber a lot in here...but it kind of happens. I've told you that I've hooked her up with anime, manga, and anime culture tips she didn't know about. She plans on going to "The Reactor" (why couldn't it stay "Anime Reactor"...?) in October, she's thoroughly enjoyed my Yotsubato mangas ("I'm a cicada! ^_^"), and I got her all of Azumanga Daioh burned onto CD...except at a price. "I'll give you the series...for a cookie!"

I burned the whole series for her and gave it to her little bit by little bit at a time, until she just needed the last disk...which I held onto until payment. Well...today I was in my car fiddling with my contact lens when she got to work. And she arrives to work, but lo, what parcel is this that she carryeth? Why it be fair cookies contained in tupperware, lauded with light from heaven and madeth with care. So of course I ran and just about tackled her! XD They were still warm and soft too!! More than worth burning an anime series worth of CD's!

While I try to think myself an altruistic and self-giving guy...I think my services can easily be bought! ^_^; Tonight I got a phone call right after I had gotten off the clock...and it was work. You know...calling me, while I'm inside the store.... A girl had to close tomorrow night, but she wasn't able to get a babysitter anywhere for her kid...so she was looking for someone to cover her shift. I caught her outside with the main manager standing not far off. She gave me a genuine look of concern and almost pleaded to me to cover her shift. Then the main manager spoke up. "Tell you what. If you cover her shift tomorrow and close, you don't have to go to the meeting on Sunday morning." ...the meetings...egads, how I hate those things.... Anyone remember me talking about them? The pep rally atmosphere? The cheer? The luau theme?! I thrust both fists into the air. "YES!!"

...but then someone else butted in later and covered the shift instead :( I don'wannaaaaaaaa~....

Yesterday was my second celebration of my birthday...even though it hasn't even happened yet, dangit! ^_^; Stephanie, Weiss, and his girlfriend Pauline came over and we had a mini celebration, and later we even got to enjoy the company of my friend Shaun...um...even if it was at his job. Steph even went ahead and made a cake...and actually an awesome one too! Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate chips...and this wasn't some spongy stuff, this stuff had substance, and it was freaking good :) If you want pictures of the ordeal, I won't post them here--you can go to my Photobucket page instead.

Just letting you folks know, my suspicions in my last post were true--I...have reluctantly "joined the dark side". But it wasn't on purpose! He bought it for me! I had no part in purchasing that X-box!! So far, I've just been playing Halo 2 on it (his other present), and again I get confirmation I suck bad. Since I have the system...I figure I might as well shell out $50 for a subscription for a year...and even with two months free, w00t. So...if any of you gaming people who have sold out to Microsoft are hooked up (...I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I don't mean it.... ^_^; ) want to get a hold of me on there, I should be named like I always am: "NeoMikey". Dad is going to grab me Burnout: Revenge for my birthday! =)

The system won't! Freaking! Read my burned CD's, though!! >_< !! Help from anyone...?

And tonight will be the last night ever that I'll be 22. It was nice having an even number like that...but now I'll go to 23...which actually, now that I look at it, is Michael Jordan's number. I don't know if Dad was kidding when he told me, but he's never denied it--I'm reportedly named after Michael Jordan! o_O Couple that with the fact my middle name, Aaron, was named after a black friend of Dad's...I tell people now I'm 2/3 black! :D I bet you couldn't tell from looking at me, could you! I got soul! So...will there be great events this year? Will this be "my year"? Could this coincidentally be the start of something big? Will I let my tongue wag out of my mouth while jumping? Or will I try to start a career in major/minor league baseball? Only time...will tell.

I just want a movie with Bugs Bunny :(

...ah...before he went "superhero".

Care for a cookie?
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