Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Who's a dork? Yeah, it's me. ...no, really!

Recently I've crossed many lines. I've done things or have contemplated doing things which many people would shun me and disown me. In my recent years, I've found myself less the "exile" in society than I thought those many years ago. People forgave me when I went country line-dancing, I got a couple odd looks when I decided to take up hardcore cosplaying, and I still get a couple eyebrows arched at me when I mention I like cute anime.

But now...I'm apparently turning down a path that few sociables have dared to tread. Last night...I began writing fanfiction. I've also been invited to a local tabletop roleplaying game on Wednesday. And...come Anime Reactor...I might try out larping. That's right, I said it!

All of these events are in no way connected to each other...really. I haven't been nabbed into some sort of weird "nerd cult", I haven't had a mid-mid-life crisis, and I'm not "coming out of the closet". All this stuff just kind of all came together at once! I've needed an outlet for creativity for some time, and just the other night I decided to let loose (yes, I promise it's a good and well written story). Plus...egads, I'm sorry, guys, but you have no idea how long it's been that I've wanted to tabletop roleplay! =\

Let me give you a brief history of my interest in roleplaying games. It all started way, way back in grade school...when I played Final Fantasy for the first time. Rpg's were what helped me to learn to read. I even played Final Fantasy so much that I recall a friend getting bored and asking to call his mom to go home. Videogame rpg's were something I loved, and I was one of the very few around I knew that liked them...apart from my friends Darrell and Nick.

Then one average day, a game was released for the Super Nintendo. It was an rpg called "Shadowrun". It had guns, swords, magic, mythical creatures, cybernetic stuff, computer things...it was a young nerd like myself's dream come true. I became a huge fan of the game, and that's when I found it was some "pen and paper book thingy...like 'Dungeons & Dragons'." For that birthday in middle school, literally everything I got, per request, was Shadowrun-related--gaming manual, source books, novels, whole nine yards. I only attempted running one session with all of that with a friend by the name of Tim Saylor...but that fell through. Bad. Hey...I had no idea what I was doing, come on!

Then came high school...and discovering "online roleplaying". Text-based in its entirety. There aren't rules to follow, dice, statistics, nothing...well, not unless you wanted to go by some loosely established rules. It was purely about interaction and the story. This could be good, this could be bad...but it also put your knowledge and application of the English language right up-front. And...well, honestly, I liked that! I got snagged into "sessions", where roleplaying was thought of as very serious business, stats were sometimes involved, and...well, at first that's what I thought online roleplaying was...until I got shown by a few various people after I was out of high school that text-based roleplaying was whatever you made of it. I like smaller groups...one-on-one stuff, if possible. Make it into something of a play, an act done with two people doing all the parts and direction. That's what I like!

But throughout all of this...I've always wanted to be with other people who share my interest. I wanted to be around other people who liked roleplaying, and weren't afraid to be blatant about it. ...and...um...not be the stereotypical group of nasally speaking no-lifes who obsess 24/7 over roleplaying...and chuckle about casting Magic Missile on the darkness (no offense intended towards anyone out there!!!). Plus I've always wanted to act! ^_^ ...there's just no one around here who is into it, and those who know circles of people like that don't really invite me in o_o; I honestly wonder if there's something odd about me that makes me slip through the cracks a lot....

And then there's the Michigan group of people. I didn't think a group of people like this existed. Constantly talking about storylines, characters, stats, experience, this, that, the other thing--it seemed completely unreal and I thought it was just a concentrated group of friends my pal Jenna knew...but no...everyone is freaking this way. It's a group of people that I just feel so right with and feel like I could fit in well with them...and I can't be a part ^_^;; ...only group I've ever personally met, and I'm denied. So close, yet so far, aren't I....

Anyhow, yeah...hopefully that's fixed then. ...oh yeah...and the larp thing >_> Just don't ask if you don't know the term. It's probably for the best. ...and it'll be at a convention, so I'll have reason to act like a dork, give me some slack!

So overall would I be considered a "dork" or rather just someone who has interests that differ vastly from mainstream society...?
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