Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

A day of incredulity

Well...it should be more like "days" plural. The past couple days have been...well, different. Definitely different from the norm. Something big kind of affected the house a couple days ago, and that was that one of Mom's caretakers, Patty, decided to quit. It's been decided by both her and Dad that she won't be back. I won't splurge details, but just know there aren't any hard feelings or anything.

But...with her gone, now only Aunt Franny is the only other caretaker that we have. Know what that means? I step into the role of being a caretaker for Mom full-time now. Yep! When Dad's out and Aunt Franny is otherwise occupied, I stay home to help. It's easy, I suppose...don't really do a lot...but at the same time I'm disappointed at how little I can do. Mom usually is content/forced to sit there and watch tv. That's what her day consists of. I'd like to do more for her, but...well, she's not like she used to be, and it's not like we could easily get ouf of the house and go hike on the trails over at Deep River or anything. My duty as being there for her will consist of staying home a lot.

Anyways, let me see.... Last night, Dad, apparently frustrated at the years I have had a non-working printer, decided randomly after we left Pepe's Mexican restaurant was to stop at Best Buy and pick me up one. And actually...we found a really cool and cheap one he bought for me! =) A $99 scanner/copier/printer that's really easy to use and comes with individual ink cartridges (y'know, one for blue, one for red...etc.). Sure, some of you might not think that's that big of a deal...but I think it's cool! XD Geez, my other printer I've had since I got my first computer, and it's...well, old o_o;

I got the printer home, I got everything put together, software installed, the printer is assembled properly and functioning...and there's no USB cable. Anywhere.

Well, tonight after going to the mall with Mom and talking to her about Japanese customes while I ate a bowl with chopsticks from Panda Express ("If you break your chopsticks unevenly, that's supposed to mean you're clumsy" Osaka reference! :D ), we went by Best Buy where I talked with someone there about my problem. Was there supposed to be a cable with my printer? The answer was "probably not". You see...nowadays, for some weird...well, actually devious reason, printers normally don't come with USB cables to go into your computer. Instead, you need to go buy them. He showed me their selection, and the cheapest cable they had went for $30. For a wire. You see...they sell "quality" products over there, and their standards have them sell cables with 24k gold connectors. That's right, computer wires are now forced to come with bling-bling. It's supposed to make things faster, better, stronger...but c'mon. It's...a wire. That costs thirty dollars of hard-earned money. With bling. And I want to mention again it's a wire. I could buy a DVD or game for less! =\

Once I find a wire for this, whether cheaper elsewhere, like maybe at Walmart, or I give in to the iron-fisted, power-hungry powers that be that self bling-bling computer parts, I hope to print out a lot of things on my computer. I keep running into pictures of cute/funny cats, and one of my dirty secrets is that my harddrive actually has a lot of those! XD; No, you won't find porn on here. Instead...KITTIES. My mom isn't able to get into this room too easily, so instead I'll print her out pictures she'll like ;) ...I've a feeling there'll be a stack starting soon enough. Also, I plan on adding more pictures to my wall of art! You see, a lot of people out there have drawn me pictures before (Biccy, Astro-sama, random artists for my AMV's, etc.), and...well, I love art, so they'll be going up there too! ...also it might help when I need MapQuest directions, instead of writing them down on paper towels ^_^;;

Oh yeah, and as any "regular" readers might know...I don't like memes. I don't. Those are usually things that stay out of my journal. But thanks to Kristen, I tried Mash (mansion/apartment/shack/house). You all remember that schoolyard game, don't you? With the...folding paper thing, opening, closing, and it's supposed to tell your future? It's amazing how amusing the results are...and I at the same time do and don't hope this is accurate ^_^; If it was, it would mean I would be married to Cameron Diaz, driving a blue Toyota Corolla, while living in a house on the moon and working as a voice actor with four kids. Egads... I mean...for some that sounds ideal! Spectacularly ideal! But...yeahhhhh...no ^_^;; Just leave me with my voice-acting job living on the moon, and I'll be fine.

...speaking of voices, I'm getting over a cold now x_x Being sick sucks. Lately it actually hasn't been that cold out, but today I left the house with four layers on. I felt comfy :3 I just hope I didn't infect anybody else during this time....

Thank you to anybody who offered to feed me soup! XD
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