Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

To complicate matters further....

Well, I know a lot of you don't know me personally, much less my family...but actually both of my parents have their share of medical problems. I know I've documented my mom plenty in here...but now I'll tell you about my dad. You see, he's got a bad back. I don't know the how or when or why of it all, but he's had lots of problems with his vertebrae. Actually he's gone through three back surgeries now...and today, he went to the hospital for a fourth.

Obviously things are going to be a bit hard for a little around here now. Aside from the obvious drama and physical malities around here, Dad isn't going to be able to help Mom as much as he did in the past. ...at least, for a bit. He helps lift her out of her chair, get her into bed, a lot of different things! And just recently, he started having problems even getting out of a chair himself. He's in a lot of pain :\

Mom was pretty upset earlier today about all of this. It's just simple back surgery, but at the same time it's also his fourth one. Also, I think that Mom might be a little adverse to anything dealing with the hospital :\ You have to remember that the last time she went to there, it was for mere kidney stones. A month or two after that, and she's not able to move the left side of her body well at all, and was basically given a life sentence of staying mostly around the house.

So! I get to stay home with Mom, and once Dad comes back from the hospital, I'll be helping him out a lot as well. You know, I think it's actually more of a good thing that I left my job than I originally first anticipated. Thinking about myself working during this point...I think that if I didn't leave my job last month, I'd likely have put into motion me leaving about now. Sure, lack of fundage still does bother me...but at the same time, I'm helping more around the house with my parents.

Anyways, that's what's going on with me currently. I attended Youmacon over in Detroit over the weekend, and...well, I think that's an experience that I'll remember forever now. I think I'll write more about it in my next entry :) But...I'll just say that I talked to Vic Mignogna, Edward "Fullmetal" Alric's voice actor, about the Samurai Pizza Cats XD ...oh, and I'm sorry, Biccy, I didn't kick him in the balls ^_^;; While you might not like his voice too much, he really is such an awesome person...well, in-person!

Oh yeah, and I sung the Samurai Pizza Cats theme song a capella during karaoke! :3 I left a heavily amused/scary impression on the audience. I love letting loose! -^_^-
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