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Dahn, dahn dahn dahn DAHN...dah-dah-dah-dah-dahn. Dah, dah dah dah, duhh dah, duhh dah-dah-dahn.

Who can guess that lyric?! Go on, try...try.... ...got it? ...no? ...um...fiiiiine. It isn't Dire Straits, it's "Weird Al" Yankovic. "Beverly Hillbillies" kept playing in my head tonight, as well as "White Reflection" from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz and also I found myself trying to whistle Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" also. It was the first song I ever learned to play on the piano, and the music of it's just stayed with me. I've even made a few "remixes" of it with a few different programs, just because it was the only song I knew all the notes to, heh heh.

Anyways, tonight was a chaotic night at work. When I got there, the only pause I had was to have a small drink of Dr Pepper, then it was right to work for some three hours straight. Yeah, doesn't sound bad...but when you work the register for that long, going through customer after customer, getting a bus, having a manager that doesn't quite respect you (Charles is trying to change, yes...but it's takin' time! ...oh...it's...taking...time....), and having a co-worker(s) that somehow have a grudge against you, things start to wear you out. It was nice at one point, though, when a girl and her Spanish-only mother came in. It was a game of translation telephone while taking the order. Finally she gave me the money after the order was finished, and I replied with a quick "gracias". She smiled, probably just thinking it cute. I filled out the order, telling her such things as "Aqui. Y tu ensalada en uno momento." (Here. And your salad in a moment.) Then finally when she was leaving, I gave a courteous "Que Dios le bendiga" (May God bless you!) and went on. It felt nice to make some Spanish lady's day like that; I try to use my three years of high school Spanish when I can.

I also like using the flat hand to the lips then rotating the forearm down as sign language for "thank you". Remember that, folks. That's your language lesson for the day.

Today was actually a pretty uneventful and short day, aside from the events at work. I woke up at 3 in the afternoon, having gone to sleep at 7 that morning. Ryan got back a little after 4 from his first day working at Taco Bell. "I hate it there. Worse that McDonald's." Ahhh...bad. He reported that it's headed by two pregnant women, it's small and cramped, it's dirty, and he wasn't too enthused about talking about it. Pray for him, could you?

I hung out with the roomies in the living room while they played their new rpg until 6:30; I left at that time. We watched and talked about what was going on, relations to what was happening in the story to some other stuff,I was offered an ice cream drumstick (yes!), but chocolate only (aww...!), Fallon made steamed vegetables for her and Ryan, Mo sat on my lap. Mia and Ed were cute at us, and we passed the time with normal bantering.

Something occurred to me during this time, though. Ryan and Fallon always seem to have a "making fun of things" mentality, which includes each other and other people. At one point, somehow the term "wuss" was put into the conversation, and Ryan called me a wuss, at which point I responded (I am teh epitome of wittiness!) by saying, "You're a wuss!" Oh yes, check it out. Owned. Ryan got owned. Boo to the yah.

But then I was taken aback at that point to the entry I had written the previous night/morning. I was a little depressed in writing it, since it brought back some bad memories for me, and I wrote about what can come of just what seems like "playful banter". Leaving it at that is fine; Ryan knows he's not a wuss. He knows my calling him a wuss wasn't meant to be anything but a jest with him. I don't call him a wuss on a frequent basis; the only times I might ever do as such are in such situation, where the phrase calls for it. But I couldn't shake the feeling of what those three words and other name-calling sentences like it have done to people. I felt bad.

In retrospect of my last entry, I'd like to say that not all of my friendships are shallow. I know a lot of deep people, actually; it's just that I've nary run into a situation in which we've sat down and...um...were really deep with each other. I'm sure if the opportunity came up, Darrell would want to know what was going on with me and troubling me. Nick, contrary to the majority's popular belief, would want to hear about what's going on in my life, though I'm sure his responses would differ largely from everyone's. Ryan and Fallon even have both shown they would be willing to hear from me. It's just...the situation barely arises in which my friends would be called to such an action.

In other news, Mo is lying on my chest right now as I'm leaning back typing this. I think I might be stuck like this for a long time, folks.

Also, I haven't seen Sarah in awhile. I've heard school's started for the majority of the adolescent populace, so it's been weird seeing a lot of my online pals suddenly having their schedules rearranged. Usually Sarah leaves her computer on, though, and is either in my room (#karaoke) on irc.esper.net or in her own room (#myroom ...and yeah, I know, "whodathunkit?" well obviously not you, though, because I don't see a #yourroom there! yeah...I'm sorry, you lose). She hasn't been there the past few days that I've checked, though....

Argh, I feel odd. I'm tired, except not. Sick, except not. And I'm growing tired of people forcing me to wear stuff on my feet!! What's wrong with my bare feet?! I like my bare feet! Then socks with my shoes at work?! What's this world come to?!

Ryan is starting another rpg. "Blue 3". I have no idea what it's going to be like. I hope he gets off his kick about tossing God's name around in his rpg's...it really bugs me that he does that. I've mentioned to him before that I don't agree with it.

"Listen here, people; listen to my story--a little story about a man named Jed. That's all something, that poor mountaineer, they say he could barely keep his family fed. And let me tell you something...one day he was shooting, old Jed was shooting at some food when all of a sudden up from the ground there...really came a bubbling crude. Oil, maybe you call it--black gold, Texas T~! We're going to take this here Drivesdale, and move to Be-ver-lyyyy~! (Hills, that is)."
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