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I played Soul Calibur 3 against Vash! =)

All right, I said I would write about it...so let's begin.

Upon the early hours of the morn on November 11th, 2005, I rode in a tightly packed van with Urd and her family over to Detroit, Michigan, where an anime convention by the name of "Youmacon" was to take place. Of course...I'm far from a morning person, and I really am not awake at 9:00 in the morning...so I got into a comfortable position on the seat, thanks to my double-jointedness, and with my Megatokyo blanket covering me, drifted off to sleep for a hefty portion of the ride.

As it turned out, Youmacon was one of the most memorable convention experiences I have ever had. When I go to conventions, it always seems that it's the people there that make the con experience for me. That's actually how I enjoyed Jafax (ub3r small con) more than I did Anime Central (an epitome of a con), because at Acen I spent a lot of my time wandering around by myself, not entirely sure what was going on. And at Youmacon, I got to hang around with a lot of enjoyable people! I even had a couple stalkers! ^_^; I'm pretty sure this 19 year-old girl was hitting on me hardcore, even told me I could have stayed at her house instead of the hotel o_o;;

Before the convention, I got myself a 50-pack of CD's, and on every single one except two I burned my AMV's...then passed out the disks to people at the con like an attention whore XD; Hillary and her boyfriend, Matt, were kind enough to draw a few small doodles on the backs of some of the CD sleeves. I had no pockets on my costume, so I had to utilize something different to hold all my stuff: a pizza box. Thanks to loose paper, scotch tape, and multi-colored sharpies, I turned a Domino's box into Pizza Cat's. And also...that's what I got the guests to autograph! =) Check it out!

I doubt you can read all that...so here's what it is. Upper left is Johnny Yong Bosch, the voice actor for Vash the Stampede. "Yummy! God Bless You! =)" is courtesy of Caitlin Glass, who plays Winry on Fullmetal Alchemist. Upper-right, demanding more sausage, is Vic Mignogna, Edward Alric himself. A~nd towards the bottom, signature next to the CD case and on the CD case is a lady named Kristine Sa...who I had a sword fight with! :D

Like I said, it's the people who make the cons for me...and this time, it was actually heavily the guests that made it for me. I'll start with Vic Mignogna...who I'll admit, has become one of my favorite people ever. Vic is the voice for Ed on FMA, yeah, though some out there argue he sounds too old to be the part. He's also Dark in "DN Angel", Wolf in "Excel Saga"...and apparently Brolly in Dragonball Z (he hated that part! XD "Too much screaming!"). But apparently, he's also a video editor, having majored in film in college! He made a fan film with him and the other FMA voice actors where they dressed up as their characters. 'Twas awesome! :3 Also...the thing that blew me away the most...was that he is a born-again Christian like myself! No, I'm not lying to you. Down in Houston, TX, he's part of the worship music team, and egads, does he play the piano well...and sing! O_O This dude can freaking sing!

I gave Vic an AMV CD! :DDDD

I also met with Caitlin Glass, who also is a Christian. No, again, not lying to you. She was awesome to watch and talk to :) It's so cool to see that Vic and her are anime geeks too...and Caitlin even had her own squeal ("Eeeeeeee!!!"). And also...Johnny Yong Bosch. Apparently he was the black Power Ranger for some time in the original "Power Rangers" show...but to me, he was Vash the Stampede, the 60-billion-double-dollar man, the "Humanoid Typhood", the first ever localized major disaster...you know the titles. Him and his band were in attendance (they called themselves "Eyeshine"), and as it turns out, they started out as a worship band for their church! During the weekend, they actually got a few instruments that were lying around out there (from "The Spoony Bards"! :D ), and actually played some worship music! I got to hear Vash sing! XD They all did sign my pizza box...but I can't read their signatures ^_^;; I know one of them doesn't want me to "worry about it", and I honestly have to wonder if ketchup on pizza does indeed taste good....

I also went to a two-hour panel that actually seemed far shorter than that. "Your Favorite Anime Sucks". According to them, anime was a big waste of time, money, and your life, every anime out there is terrible, and you were going to tell these people your favorite anime, then they would proceed to make fun of it...and probably you too. And while this might all sound mean-spirited, it was actually a really funny thing to watch! It's always fun poking fun at the things you love! :) ...though when I asked them about "Pretty Sammy", they called me a pedophile.... ^_^;

I scared people in the karaoke room when I sang the Samurai Pizza Cats theme song a capella. They didn't have the song...so what else was I supposed to do, ah? :D Props and showmanship galore, sung with a voice suitable for punk, I got applause...and probably made an idiot out of myself, but that's part of the fun, isn't it XD

I also got art! =) I unexpectedly ran into my friend Kenmei Rokugatsu, and got a commission from her of one of my favorite roleplaying characters...though more of a pretty boy than normal ^_^; (check it!). I also paid someone else to draw something for me...but unfortunately, she hasn't gotten back to me yet o_o; I hope she didn't my e-mail address wrong, or I got "conned" (get it??? lololol!!). Also!! I picked up myself a Metal Gear Solid 2 figure. Unfortunately, you can't ever tell what you'll get when you get these, and I was dreading that I might've accidentally picked up Raiden...but as it turned out, I got Sna--ummm, Iriquois Pliskin! :D Dangit, he's so cool...! OH!! And also, thanks to someone I recently met with connections, I saved fifty cents in the dealer room! Because I knew one of their employees, the people at Fast Food Anime let me buy rice candy at a small discount! YES!

Talking to Vic, Caitlin, and Johnny, I actually came away from there really inspired and really pumped. Just...ahh man, I really loved that convention :) I got to see Kristen again, and even stayed in her room one night with a host of other people. That morning, though...I got woken up by all of those girls laughing and squealing like girls do x_x;;; I was ti~rrrrrrrred...! But of course, it was morning, and I needed to get up and started anyways...but I felt content to lie under the blanket for a bit. At least, I was, until some girl got curious if I was still awake, then went over and slowly lifted up the cover, trying to see my face. Without warning, my hand suddenly burst out from the blanket with me giving a hissing noise, grabbing for her face. I made her scream! ^_^

Now that the convention is over, things have returned to semi-normal in my life. For anyone who was curious, yes, Dad is doing fine. He's still kind of in pain after the back surgery, but he's doing hunky-dorey, as far as one's to expect from him. Right now, actually, he just called me to join him and Mom for dinner. So I imagine that hopefully things will resume to how they previously were. I have to wonder if there might be any people out there who might try tracking me down and find this journal, though. Not...that I want that to happen...or don't want it to happen! Either way's okay! ...long as they aren't creepy ^_^; But still, the name "NeoMikey" got spread around a lot around the con.

Anyways, dinner's ready!
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