Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

The moon was half full.
One went on through the shadows.
Ninja in the night.

5 in the morning. In a tiny corner of the sky, I could see a change in the colors. It wouldn't be long until the sun was up. I had been stealthily travelling in the chilly morning for some time, and soon my assigned mission would be completed. I moved through the shadows, unseen by any and all. Every part of my skin was covered in black material, and one by one, before anyone knew, I was at their place, performed the task, and then was gone. Only once had my presence been threatened when a dog heard me. I could hear inside the dog voicing his concern to the world, and I knew it wouldn't be long before his master was awakened. But like the concern of most dogs' fits of barking, I was a phantom...and then I was gone.

There, up ahead, I spied it. The final destination. I gripped the parcel with gloved hands and quietly made my way across the place's lawn. Up to the doorstep I went, while out in the distance I could hear the echo of Japanese music playing. The people within were asleep...and entirely oblivious to my presence. I slowly withdrew the package, and then I was gone...and there on the doorstep the message was left. It was finished.

That was the last night I had to deliver newspapers.
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