Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Obligatory Thanksgiving entry

Once again it's the fourth Thursday of November, and that once again hails in Thanksgiving, the day that originally started from Pilgrims and Indians sharing dinner together, where they ate turkey, mashed potatoes, and Stover's stuffing while watching the NFL game on their plasma tv. But of course it was the olden days and they didn't have a wide screen.

Most people call this day "Turkey Day", but I still prefer the old name. You see, like most holidays, the original meaning of the holiday has been all but overlooked by the masses at large. Talk of food, food, lots of food, turkey, family gatherings, football games on the tv, and after-Thanksgiving sales tomorrow that explode into retail stores across the country. But do many people actually sit down to "give thanks" for all that they have in their lives? So in order to do that in some way, I decided to write an LJ post. Naturally ;)

I'm thankful for friends. Family. People. I know so many different people out there who are awesome from all different kinds of backgrounds. I know some of you personally, having physically met you and chilled. We became friends that way. Or maybe we met indirectly at first, like perhaps a common friend or a couple chance encounters. Or perhaps the internet is responsible for our friendship in some form. Whether we met on chat, a forum, or some other way...we're still friends. I might have ended up physically meeting you, I might not have, or the potential's there for me to see you in-person in the future. Whatever the situation...you're still someone who is dear to me :) I know I hardly get to talk to a lot of you...but still....

I'm thankful for my faith. If it wasn't for God, my life would have taken a very, very different path, and I wouldn't be the "Mikey" you all know today. Truth be told, I think I might've ended up killing myself. Yes, that could have been one possibility. Because of God...ahhhh, just so much stuff. I've had chance encounters, conversations, and met and talked to people (Vic!) because of what I believe. Also...don't forget about the people that God sends my way :) I'm sure all of you are to some degree, but there have been a couple before where it blatantly had His fingerprints all over it. Plus it's great sometimes getting to see it affecting other people's lives. I got a message earlier. "ey did u pray for me last time i talked to u cause now i got this job building houses. and i make a lot of money noiw." Last time I talked to him a month or two ago, he asked me to pray for 'im. That guy was having trouble in life for awhile now, and I met him when he was staying at some people's house, because he couldn't stay at his own. Awesome, ah? ;)

I'm thankful for the internet. AH LOVES YEWWW!! *HUG!!!* Because of the internet, my life's taken another turn, and for the better. From my anime music videos to music to chat to friends (especially friends), this connection to the World Wide Web is responsible for it. Plus, for those "in the know", sometimes it's fun to say things like "Ell oh ell!!"...or other internet lingo/phrases.

I'm thankful for anime. Hush.

I'm thankful for all that's good in my life. I understand I might not have the best "lot" out there, and at the same time I know that I do have things a lot better than other folks in the world. I have a roof over my head, I have food in the fridge, I have a nice set-up in my room, I have a lot of priveleges and conveniences, I have two parents that love me, even if they don't always show it, and I have awesome people in my life. ...and eggnog in the fridge :3 I know that I might not have a job right now, but Dad actually decided to be graceful enough to be willing to help me out if I don't have any money. I usually turn him down, because the Beatles told me that all I need is love. I admit that I miss working, and the people there apparently do miss me too. But I'm needed at home, and since I'm here, that's what matters. ...I just wish both of my parents would ask me to help out more =\ But all in all, in general...I think life is good. Even if the house ended up burning down and I lost everything I own and a place to sleep, as long as I had my family and friends...I would still be happy :)

And I'm thankful you actually read this post XD
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