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Deep thoughts not by Jack Handy

The other night I had something of an epiphany. Well...I don't really know whether to call it an "epiphany", per se, or an experience. Needless to say, though, it honestly struck me. I don't know whether it came to me because of that episode of Futurama I watched or because of a couple things people had said, whether directly or in passing, earlier that day. I really think it was because of the manga scans I had just read then.

In those manga scans I read, a guy was sick and was lying in bed. He had a black cat with a big bow on her neck. He drifted off to sleep, and there his cat met him in a human-ish form (yay catgirls!). They were on a hill with a tree with clear skies and beautiful surroundings. The catgirl didn't say anything, but merely serenely smiled at him and laid his head on her lap, and there in his dream he peacefully drifted to sleep.

It was only about four pages, and I really wish I knew what manga it was, because just reading that...sure, it might sound really simple, but it really gave me a nice, warm feeling inside! So often we go out and live our lives, fending for ourselves, that it's hardly ever, if at all, that we'd ever relinquish control and allow ourselves to be put into another's care. I thought about what that would feel like, being cared for like that...and then my thoughts drifted back to my childhood.

Well, past my childhood and into my infancy. I remember Mom telling me the dark and stormy night that I was born. It's not really often that we think about it, but at some point we were all babies. Yes, you. You were about the size of a small house cat, give or take, and your mother literally scooped you into her arms, held you close, and promised she would take care of you for the rest of her life. I understand that not everyone out there has the best of family life out there, some worse than others, and that's honestly very unfortunate, because that's not how families were intended. I'm expecting every single one of you reading this to rightly be good members of your family, and to your friends, be like family.

I was put under my parents' charge growing up, naturally. It never really struck me before exactly everything they were given with that task. It was their responsibility to bring me up in the world and to help shape me into a man. Without them, well...obviously I wouldn't be around. And I just thought about how my entire life, I had two people tending to my every need, and I don't know if I've ever honestly appraised the work they've done for the value it really has.

I don't know why, but just the thought of someone taking someone else under their wing and tending for them, making them feel safe, and make it that they don't feel anything bad just...really struck me as powerful, for some reason. From mothers and fathers to family to friends to God Himself.

I know this probably sounds really weird to a lot of you out there, but I thought it was just a thought worth sharing. And because of that...no commenting for you! ^_^
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