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Just a normal update

Last week, I got out of the movie theater at night. It was officially December, and though the ground was clear, it was still cold, and I had had to exchange my normal coat for my heavier one. But as I got out and the crowds behind me discussed amongst themselves the movie, out of the sky, the first actual snow of the season was falling. Crystalline flakes were coming out of the dark sky and falling to earth like little glittering stars, dusting the ground and everything with its white powder. I walked down the steps, running my fingers briefly over the bannister and knocking the little snow off, while I looked up at the sky. It was beautiful, honestly, the contrast of the pitch black sky against the many little falling snowflakes illuminated in mid-air by the parking lot streetlamps.

That was the night that my relatives from Washington, my ohana, came into town. Uncle Phil, my cousins Marie and Sarah, and their German foreign exchange student named Hilke. They came here to Indiana for a few reasons. Uncle Phil was to go to a Chicago Bears game with Dad one night. The girls came for shopping, of all things...and you should have seen their collection o_O After going to Chicago, they returned with multiple bags each, and I mean the big bags. Their purchases just about totally filled up their room, and they needed extra luggage in order to get all that stuff back to Washington.

Also, whether this was planned or not, they also were around for my dad's birthday on the 7th, which has always coincided with Pearl Harbor Day. And for this, they didn't hold back. Decorations, streamers, conspiring with people to get them over without Dad's knowledge, presents, a whole lot of lasagna...criminy, I haven't seen that much effort for someone's birthday ever since school in my younger days...as in middle school! Not that that was a bad thing, though. I finally was able to give Dad the present I found some months ago which I've been holding onto, and that was an Atari emulator. You see, people...back in kindergarten and beforehand, we had an Atari, and Mom and Dad loooooved it. They were into the videogame craze before I was, and maybe it's partly because of them I got into it in the first place. But, with the release and our purchase of the 8-bit Nintendo, it was decided by them "we only need one videogame system", and out the Atari went...and they've been regretting it since then. They understood the Atari...but this "Enn Ee Ess" was beyond them. Then with the genesis of the Genesis, more buttons, more games, more systems, more complicated gameplay...eventually they just gave up even trying to understand. Even nowadays as Dad watched me play Goldeneye, "Is it just me or during this whole game are you just looking at the barrell of a gun?" But when he opened the mini Atari and looked through the games, a lot started coming back to him. "Oh, Warlords! I remember this! Asteroids too! ...and Centipede...oh, and this one too!" At least I know there's some proof we actually are related ;)

Since then, our relatives from the Pacific Northwest have since departed and arrived back in their respective homes safely, and apparently at least Uncle Phil plans on returning in September...and whether it was by coincidence or not, it'll be right around my birthday.... x_X; And here in Portage, Indiana...things have continued as normal...or as normal as could be expected. I'll confess to you people that home life has been a little tense at times, but I think that both of my parents have had a lot on their mind lately, as well as little patience. That little bit of snow that fell here got heavily added onto. One morning I was supposed to go do something, but accidentally slept in. When I awoke, I let Sidney, our black lab, back inside, and she came in white. That snow was coming down very heavy. Dad was out taking care of something, and even he and his beloved Cadillac ended up in the ditch. Don't worry, Dad's fine, and so is the car. But...this was the day when I was supposed to drive somewhere a half-hour away and take the expressway. ...yeah...I think it actually was a really good thing that I accidentally slept in. I could've been in trouble o_O

But thankfully the next day I went and took care of it. And what was my errand? Registering to go back to college. That's right, ladies and gents, I hope to resume my classes over at Purdue Calumet come next month. Because of my failures there before, I had to go out of my way a bit more to ensure I was accepted back in, but thankfully I was, and now in about an hour I'm going to be there to talk to an advisor about getting set up there, as far as classes and the like are concerned. And still, after 23 years...they're going to ask me what I think I would like to major in, and I'll still tell them "I have no idea." My dream job is something with video editing or being a voice actor...but...well, I don't know what I'll do, but I'm sure if I talk to this advisor, he or she will help me along the right track. ...at least better than that computerized "test" in high school did >_< "You are best suited to be a circus animal trainer."

The other day, though, as I was walking through Purdue, I looked around at all the people and goings-on there. And...for once, I almost felt like that was where I was supposed to belong. Just so many people around my age were conversing and spouting creativity. Ideas were being shared, and all of it reminded me of my initial reaction to college. "This isn't like high school...! I'm actually treated like a human being here!" And I already have a few friends there. Hillary, one of Urd, the otaku mom's, daughters attends there. Also, Christine, past (maybe present?) girlfriend of my pal Justin is also in attendance. Plus a recently made friend named Jade teaches there...as well as is still a student. There are a few others as well, but unfortunately I can't think of them off the top of my head ^_^; Well...ehhh, who knows what college will be like now? This advisor will hopefully help a "hopeless case" like myself. Why else would s/he get paid? ...at least...ideally, you know o_O ...and if Tessa reads this somehow from Brazil...there, okay?! I'm going back! Now stop threatening me! ^_^;

Anyways, speaking of Justin...that's where I actually am presently. In his apartment, on his compy, whilst he still snoozes in his bed, apparently not finding the clacking of these keys to be disturbing. Awesome :) He lives pretty close to Purdue, so that's why I crashed over here last night...plus it's kinda nice getting to chill with him! Also, should it have to ever come to it, he told me I could work on my Trigun AMV on his comp...since my computer is still sucktacular when it comes to complicated stuff like video editing -_-; Well, with little American money in my wallet, methinks I'll head out and try finding something to eat! Take care, folks!
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