Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Okay, you two. That's ENOUGH!!

GEEZ!! All right, everybody except two certain former residents of northwest Indiana can ignore this post. I'm sorry...I'm honestly mad right now.

Listen...I don't like fighting, but I know you two have your differences, if you want to put it mildly. I know that I can't stop it from happening, but I want to let you know when I browse through my LiveJournal Friends page and see it chock-full of two people writing demeaning posts about each other, that reeeeeeaaaally gets under my skin. You both have done this before, and I stayed quiet, because I thought that would be it, and I wasn't happy with either of you last time...but this time I've got to say something.

I don't care who started it, I don't care who is more at fault, I don't care what things you're saying about the other one, because I'm disappointed in both of you. I'm not taking sides here, I just want both of you to freaking knock it off already! I was under the impression both of you were already done and out of each other's lives, yet I see this conflict escalating from out of nowhere. Both of you. Really. Stop writing about each other. I don't care who might stalk whose journal and read whatever. Just let it go already, and stop thinking about the other person in the fashion of being a chip on your shoulder! You both have each stated it at some point, but you put up this stuff without even acknowledging how juvenile e-fighting and LJ drama is! Just stay out of each other's lives already and stop writing about the other one, and I don't mean just in LiveJournal.

I don't want a comment explaining yourself or possibly how you're in the right and she's in the wrong, I don't want an e-mail either--I just want you both...to stop. For good. I don't care what differences you two have, because those kinds of "disagreements" happen to people. When you started posting all this garbage in LiveJournal, you were putting all of it right in front of me, and while admittedly I only scanned through those entries, I sitll wasn't happy about seeing them. So REALLY! Nobody wants to see this, so knock it off!!
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