Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Christmas time! Christmas time!

We wish you a happy Christmas! We wish you a happy Christmas! We wish you a happy Christmas! So get me cool gear! =)

At the moment, I'm trying to finish up a lot of things. Dangit...I forgot how much a hassle the holidays can be. I don't mean to sound so cynical...but when you're unemployed and have no income coming in, when you're expected to produce a gift, it can jar you a little o_O Thankfully, though, Dad kindly gave me some money to use...plus I got to use my credit card! Another gift idea which I've been relying upon is burning anime for folks! Whoo!!

Speaking of Christmas-related items, I'm on the radio! ^_^; ...well...not live...but here's what it is. About a month ago, I got a call from Shine.fm, thanking me for my past support, then asked if I wanted to record a greeting for Chicagoland to be played on the radio. I agreed, being I found that it didn't cost anything...then forgot about it! I know it's a terrible thing to say...but as much as I love the radio station, I've been listening to my CD's instead! ^_^; I mean, where else can I jive to "Scat Man" and "What Is Love", huh? (...dangit, that is not a dirty song!!) Anyways, I just heard from my pal over at the station, Johnny Rock, and he reminded me about that. "u.r. celebrity" were his exact words. Though I don't quite agree with the celebrity bit...I still think it's sorta cool! I've never gotten to do anything like that before! Buuuut, truthfully, though...I'm not sure if I want to listen to it now, because I'm always a little embarrassed when it comes to listening to or watching myself recorded ^_^;;

Other than that...not really too much to report around here, except that things haven't been the best with family life. It's not been Mom so much as it has been Dad. I'm sure that he's frustrated with still being out of work and probably is still in some pain...but that doesn't give him the right to yell and carry on as he does towards Mom. I've been woken up before by him yelling, and the things that he said got me extremely mad.... Basically he makes it out that he abhores us (yup, I'm included) and that we're a burden to him, and he'd like it if she or maybe he himself died, or maybe sent Mom away to be someone else's "problem". He says a lot of demeaning things to her, and always leaves with a huff and sour attitude to parts unknown. And Mom apparently has numbed herself to it, and just continues to sit there watching tv after he's left.

Of course, he's not always like this...but I've definitely noted an increase in the frequency in which he blows up, and it's honestly very unsettling :\ At times, I do wish we could leave him if he's just going to keep being so pig-headed like that! Mom's a human being, and she doesn't deserve to be treated like that! I love my dad, I do...and when he's not blowing up, he really is a cool guy! But at the same time...dangit, he needs to just freaking chill out >_< If I ever turn out like that, I want each one of you to track me down and gift me a swift, hard kick to the groin, 'kay?

Anyhow, methinks that's everything to actually cover for now. Come Christmas Eve, I was invited to a friend's for a "non-traditional" Christmas gathering. He plans on watching Army of Darkness, House of a Thousand Corpses, other zombie movies, as well as getting drunk. ...I'll probably just sit in on the Bruce Campbell flick, then spend the rest of the time playing video games elsewhere and drinking Mountain Dew ^_^;; Honestly I just plan to attend so I can give him his present, plus he'll give me mine.

Then come Christmas Day, um...I'll actually just be staying at home a lot and eating food! XD We don't really have any plans or anything, but we will be having Christmas dinner at our place, instead of a relative's. They'll all be coming over here instead. So...it's probable that I'll be sitting to the side like normal x_X There's a guy named Matt Lawson who might be coming over that I was friends with. I remember last year we got to see each other again after years of not seeing each other, and...well, it was almost like we didn't have anything to talk about anymore =\ Dangit, I hope that if he does show up, things're different now....

Maybe I'm just getting old, heh.... I remember September slowly going by, then came October and how that lazily wafted about...but after Halloween, suddenly I found it was Thanksgiving...and now I'm finding that Christmas, of all things, is a couple days away! Agh!! And I still haven't gotten Dad's present yet! I asked him what he wants and he said "world peace", but that's not fair, because I already asked for world peace! It's mine! Mine, mine, mine, mine! Mine! ...ahhhhh...at least I still have that pony that Tessa gave me last year ;) Sure, it might be stuffed, but still....

Dangit, another system error. I thought technology was supposed to make my life easier!
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