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Today started out not well. I wasn't able to sleep well last night, so I was up until 7...I think. I got a message from Erin. Her...dad has passed away. Everybody pray for her and her family, okay? Then, whilst talking to her...the internet goes out. Argh!! I'm really sorry about that, Erin.... I tried a couple times afterward to check if the internet came back...but...it didn't. ...crud.

I then opened up a chapter of my current story and wrote a little bit. I then felt tired and decided to crash. Ever see Michael J. Fox sleeping in "Back to the Future"? Somehow...that position seemed comfy to me at the time--at least some semblance of it.

About two or so hours later, I was subtly awoken by commotion outside my room. I thought I saw the clock reading "11:[something]", but later I found it to be just half-past 9, and I heard Ryan's voice, and I thought to myself, "...oh geez, he's late for work! He'll wake me up soon to take him, I'm sure." Soon his voice was joined by Fallon's, calmly talking, sound of telephone beeps, more talking, talking, tal--um...I...have to pee. I begrudgingly got up with my dress pants sloppily on from work the night before and trudged out.

One bathroom trip later, I was ready to go back and crash again. Not so, though. Ryan was walking by the bathroom as I opened the door. He greeted me with as friendly a greeting as anybody would. "Hey Mikey, guess what? Adam isn't going to move in."

...for those not informed, just letting you know, this is bad.

Adam is a buddy of ours that was going to move in to replace me at the end of the lease. Our plan was that I was going to leave at the end of August...leave the apartment and go back to living with my parents, where I'd be able to watch Mom, save up money for college, be some place a little less crazy at times, and be some place where I wouldn't wonder if ramen would be what I would eat that night. Now I understand that some people out there in the world go with less, like Nick had told me before, but that doesn't mean that if given the chance I shouldn't take it. Wendy's leftovers and ramen are not a diet I would recommend. For any diet.

But...that plan isn't in effect now. Like I said, the lease actually ends at the end of September, so that means that I still have a month to which I'm expected to live here. I was originally going to leave early...one month...blargh.... So I'm going to spend another month here at the apartment unless somehow Ryan and Fallon find another roommate within the next seven days. It isn't too bad.... I suppose I did want to ask them to do a couple things with me I originally wanted to do when I first moved in, but...yeah, still. Oh well, I just have to live with this right now.

Ryan, Fallon, and I all hung out today. Fallon and I bummed around a little bit, taking care of errands. We came back, I accidentally took a nap in my comp chair (this thing is comfy somehow, let me tell you), Ryan then came back from work and all three of us then drove around a little bit.

We came back. I played some video games. Ryan decided to continue with another session of Blue 3. It's 2:30 in the morning; still going. I should feel tired, but I only do a little bit. Weird. Tomorrow Dillon's picking me up for church. I like hanging with Dillon. He's just so strong in the Lord! He really lifts my spirits and everybody else's when around him.

To top off my day, a 59-cent 2-liter of pineapple orange Faygo accidentally got left in the freezer. It's a pineapple orange block of ice now. And it's foaming at the top. Aghh.
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