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Well, Christmas came and went, and everything went well :3 I got about everything I wanted, except Santa Klausu still cheated me out of world peace! Stupid freaking ninja! >_< ...but mythical figure-related issues aside, I did hear that the Christmas Ninja did indeed appear at a few friends' houses. They even had makeshift business cards as proof, and told me stories of how he showed up, gave them stuff, then ran away, with that red and black plaid scarf dramatically blowing in the wind....

I'm sure I'm expected to talk about it, so I'll say what my "haul" was. It was weird how there was a literal mountain of presents under the tree for my parents, then meanwhile I had...two from them, and one from my aunt ^_^;; Not that I'm complaining!! I'm honestly not! I love what I got from 'em: gift certificates, DVD-R's, and a tub of popcorn from my aunt, which now will double as a stool (and cool-sounding drum!) in my room.

No, actually, it was my friends that gave me the cool presents :) My Aussie friend Biccy was the first one to get something to me, and it was a couple weeks in advance. A sketchbook! Well, hers, specifically. An older one of hers. She even included an old picture I once commissioned her to do of Ryan and Fallon's web avatars back when I was living at the apartment. That whole gift had a lot of heart to it, and honestly I like looking through people's art ^_^ Next came Nick, which...ayeeee.... Well, first off, apparently right before I arrived at his house, the Christmas Ninja showed up and gave him a game and his girlfriend a burned DVD. But like I was saying, I opened up the first gift from him to find "Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows" ("It's Xbox Live-enabled with cooperative play!"), then when I opened the next gift I found (*sigh*...) "The 40 Year-Old Virgin". People, when that movie came out, I heard comments from all over. "Dude! Mikey! It's about you!" I promptly took the DVD case and started beating Nick with it! :D Theeeeen came Stephanie's presents.... I got "Saw"! I love smart movies like that, and with the extra features it should prove to be cool :) But I don't know what it is about people teasing me with presents, but I also got...a pair of woman's underwear x_x;;; She noticed me getting uncomfortable when we went through said section at Walmart, plus heard about what Tessa pulled on me before. I'm sure that girl is blissfully ignorant in Brazil concerning the events she set in motion....

Granted, there's still apparently a gift in transit, but I'm willing to wait :) Y'know, I know I say this every year, but I don't ever expect anything from anybody. If I received nothing at all from people except a "merry Christmas" (...or "Chrismahanakwanzadon"), I'd be happy. Not everyone out there has money or time to get presents for people in general, and I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get anyone anything, with being broke.... Thankfuly, though, the Christmas Ninja helped out :D I know not everyone out there reading this is fortunate enough to receive material items from people, but every single person reading this is my Friend on LJ for a reason, and to each and every single one of you, you all mean very much to me...so thank you. I'm sorry I don't comment more! ^_^;

Christmas dinner was normal. Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt's house, though, was interestingly different. I actually sat down and talked to my uncle and cousin about video games, movies and old shows, and internet movies! Now, see, conversation usually doesn't happen with me at these things, especially concerning topics with which I'm familiar! So...yeah, that was kinda nice :)

And now I'm getting ready to go head out. I actually haven't been to a Wednesday night Bible study for awhile, because of other obligations that usually fall upon such times. Then afterwards, I hope to grab myself a new DDR pad! I heard the foam ones at Toys R Us are going for ub3r cheap right now! It'd be nice to have one in my place again...and if I get an adapter and Stepmania, I could hook it up to my compy! :D Glee! Dorks RULE!
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