Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I still wanna yell at Regis Philbin....

I was at Christine's place last night. On tv, broadcasting from Times Square in New York City was Regis Philbin, along with a lot of other famous celebrities...of which, I mostly had no idea who they were o_O Just letting you folks know, I have a small grudge against Mr. Philbin. Back when I played "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" on the Playstation, he made fun of me a lot! Grr...!

The countdown was already in motion for the Central Time zone. We'd passed the time earlier by watching various anime on their wide screen, digital tv, including AMV Hell 3 (Christine insisted on applauding when my clip came on ^_^;; ) and the dub of Jungle wa Itsumo (scaryyyyy...!). By the time we got to following the countdown, there was a bit over a half-hour left, and we watched it go down to five minutes to two, then on tv the famous countdown started.


The ball hit, lit up, and everyone went crazy like usual. "Happy new year!!!!!11" I celebratorily thrust my camera and its tripod up in the air like I was a Tuskan sandraider, giving a loud "Happy new year!! And the world didn't die!!" because how many New Year's celebrations had the threat of disaster looming over them, hm? I looked around at everyone else and noticed the couples kissing. I arched a brow, then looked over to Christine's dad.

"You know, everyone in here is kissing right now.... I just wanted to let you know I have no intentions of kissing you, because you are quite ugly and quite male." I raised up my champagne glass to him. "Happy New Year to ya," I said with a smile, and we clinked glasses. I took a sip of the champagne, then coughed. Crap, I forgot how nasty that stuff was!

I meandered outside and stood out there awhile, listening to the noises around me. All around, in every direction, there were echoes of explosions and sometimes flashes of light. I let it sink in that this indeed was 2006 now. My time machine had failed to stop my birthday from happening, plus he also didn't stop the new year from coming either. It still perturbed me about how fast time seemed to be going nowadays, and I can't help but feel old sometimes...but at the same time, I realized a lot of good things indeed did happen during this past year. A lot of things fulfilled, new people met, people met in-person, new outlooks, new experiences, and things were okay. And this year, '06, I think my life'll finally be getting kickstarted. College is starting up later this month, and also a lot of things sent from God are starting to fit into place. I still refuse to acknowledge that I "grew up", and I still have no idea what my life's purpose is...but I think that I'll hopefully have a fun time along the way finding out.

Merry new year, people. May this one be awesome and not suck. ;)
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