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Mi estomago duele...ayyy.... Por favor ayudame. Estoy no bien.... Mi cuerpo...agh...y mi cabesa. Estoy cansado, pero no cansado, pero...mm, yo quiero medicina, pero esta no. �Agh...!

So anyways! How are you folks tonight? I'm not well. I feel like...doody...if, um...feeling like doody necessarily connotates a bad feeling. I got back from work almost two hours ago, and things didn't go well. I was disappointed in myself at how poorly I performed. I missed some things, forgot a couple points, did a couple things wrong...I think I might be cracking. Honestly. I think after these past almost-two years, I'm just starting to regress. My body hasn't been doing well either, lately. I've found I've been tired more, my appetite hasn't been the same, I've got bouts of not feeling well, actual headaches for the first time in my life (I'm not bragging; just stating a fact...), and I'm not quite sure why all this is happening to me. I don't eat the healthiest, but neither have I during my entire stay here at the apartment. I don't sleep well, but my sleeping patterns have been chaotic nearly since I first moved in; just act the roomies. Hardly anything...in my life...has changed. So that's why I'm thinking maybe my living like this is catching up with me. Or maybe I caught something. Maybe I'm sick. Am I? ...um...why exactly am I asking you people...?

Anyways, another person has been added to reader status. His name is Sam. Sam, um...Sam. Just Sam. At least I just know him as "Sam". I suppose if you want to be fancy, call him "16th-zen-#rpgcomics-Sam", but I perso--whoah!! I think I just heard thunder! ...something that sounded like that.... *ahem, but I personally think that just plain "Sam" should do okay. I mean, how many people do you honestly know out there that just go under the name "Sam"? Like...nothing else attached. He's currently trying to get a livejournal account, and I agreed to ask around for him. He seems okay...he added me to his links list on his website. Boo to the yah, mm hmm.....

Oh, and it's official--there was a flash of light followed a little bit after by a rolling thunder sound. Methinks it's ready to storm. I like storms...but I personally want to be sleeping right now. But I don't know if I can. I just...I don't know....

I think I'll just quickly end this post. I don't want to lose power...or, um...well, likely won't in the immediate future...but I don't feel up to typing more. Don't give me that shocked expression; I'll be back later...and typing. Hoo-rah posting stuff.
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