Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

And it's my second day of college so far! And my lunch money hasn't been stolen! :D

...but of course, to be "stolen" in the first place, I'd need lunch money!

Yes, last Tuesday was my first day of school after a long hiatus. I'm finally back here at Purdue Calumet after three years. You know, I didn't think my college career would go like it has. Some years back, I had a DeadJournal, and the last (and uncompleted) entry documented my first day there. That was around when I first moved into the apartment, and I had no idea that the following year would be the hardest thus far in my life. Things seemed to be going fantastically...but unfortunately, due to my own fault and other circumstances, things weren't so.

And now, three years later, I'm once again registered in the same account that I had all those years back and I'm a student again. Fast food, scrounging for a living, pizza delivery, and here again. No, Dad, I don't want to deliver pizzas for the rest of my life. And just like before...it feels nice to be here. I'm treated like an actual human being, an equal, a real person here, instead of the stereotypes and prejudice put on me back in school at Wheeler. Three years ago, it was a shocking revelation to me. Now...it's a reassuring feeling.

This time doesn't seem so scary as it did last time. Before I was living at the apartment and unsure in a lot of areas concerning the whole ordeal. But now...sheesh, I have a lot more guidance and general help than I did before =\ I think I've mentioned before about my friend Jade who teaches here. She's a really cool person (...frought with zombies) who has actually been going out of her way to ensure that everything goes well for me at college, and has threatened physical violence on me by an attacking rabid panda if I don't do well. ...nice to have motivation ^_^; As it turns out, there are a few other people I know who go here. Urd's daughters, Hillary and Fawn are going here, plus Justin's ex-girlfriend Christine is in attendance...and on Tuesday, she gave me a tour of how to use the cafeteria! :D Also a big black fellow named John goes here, and he asked me why I don't wear goggles anymore XD Also, one of my old coworkers from back at Pizza Hut actually shares one of my classes! She's pretty cool, and I've actually written about her before in here!

Me first coming here wasn't as dramatic as it was before. This time, instead it involved me running with my old Lemstone's Book tote by my side, trying to get to class on time! ^_^; My schedule didn't make it in with the rest of my belongings in my bookbag, so I had to print out another one so I could find out exactly where it was I needed to go. And right next to that computer in the main lobby, surprisingly enough, was Jade! "Hi, Mikey!" "Hi! I'm late for class! :D" "..." Thankfully I got there with no problem to my Psychology class, where a man by the name of David Pick taught the class in one of those giant, auditorium/stadium seating rooms with drab olive walls, slightly yellowed lights, and concrete floor. Jade told me her view of him later on, that he's "not the most entertaining, but he's good at making sure he gets what he says in your head".

The next class was thankfully right down the hall...except I didn't go there afterwards ^_^; I went back to the main lobby, because there there were booths set up with many people advertising their clubs. Purdue's RPG club was there, but I went to the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship instead...and got free lemonade! :D Actually, they're meeting later tonight...but unfortunately, I'm driving back after I'm done with this post, so...yeah. But I'm still a member, they got my e-mail address! :3

Well, after the ten minute break and hurrying to the class I was supposed to be in, Math [some number] started up. That girl from Pizza Hut was in there! And the class seems to be going for me pretty well, except for one constant nagging thing: the instructor is very evidently of Chinese lineage. Her name is Xiaoyan Shi, and I keep thinking of Dynasty Warriors when reading that ^_^;; ...but that's not the issue. She talks with a very heavily accented Chinese tone. Once or twice she asked the class in general a question, and I wasn't sure what she said. Thankfully, though, she wrote everything on an overhead, so it was easy to follow.

Once that class let out, my friend from Pizza Hut told me where the next building was, and that's where I went. Before I go on, I want to tell you about someone else I know here at Purdue Cal. There's also a lady named April. When I first met her, I admit I thought she talked a whole lot and liked to argue. Also, while playing a game with her, she mercilessly killed my character, and I wrote her a couple notes comically telling her I didn't like her anymore. Don't get me wrong, April's actually pretty cool...but I wasn't expecting her to also teach here! Yet, there she was in the front of the class, giving the whole pre-class ramble. I talked to her briefly in the hall, remarking how it was weird that I'd have to call her "Professor Gabbert" now and she couldn't call me "Mikey" anymore. She said she could call me "Chibi" (the character she killed) instead! ...that's not a comforting thought ^_^;; This class, unbeknownst to me, is an experiment right now. It's been in planning for some time now, but this is the first time it's been done here. Tuesday we meet in class, then Thursday we meet online via a special web program...thing. This class is apparently heavily online, but I'm looking forward to it! ...I'll just have to keep myself from using anime smilies while in the class chatroom XD;

Then came my scheduled break...and there I chilled with Christine a bit eating chili and pizza. They actually also serve sushi in there, plus have chopsticks! Cooked sushi too, I'll hafta try it! :D Christine was able to get wireless internet on her laptop...and actually, I think it'd be cool to have a laptop! But of course, I already have a compy anyways, so I don't see much the point ^_^; Once my scheduled break was over, it was on to Communications/"you give speeches". But five minutes before I got to there, looking over my schedule detailing what I was doing now plus what I took before, there was a shocking realization.

I already took Communications 114 before! o_O

My guidance counselor person and I both made a mistake. So for a bit over an hour, I sat there running circles in my mind, thinking, "I've heard this, I've heard this, I already took the class, I already took the class!" It was with a different person, but still. At one point, actually, we had to pair up for a quick project. But something I didn't realize was that this was an odd-numbered class, and suddenly I felt like Charlie Brown. Everyone had grabbed a partner, except me ^_^; I got teamed up with these two girls, and we at one point had to briefly tell the class about ourselves, and one of the questions we had to answer was what we would do with a million dollars. "Well...I'm not really picky or want anything...so I think I'd buy myself a kitten." There was a pause in the room, the all around me, "Awwww~...!" XD Thankfully, since then, I've dropped the class and gotten a full refund on it and the book. And today I was informed that no, I wasn't able to replace it with the other class I wanted...so for this semester, I get three classes instead of four. Hm, I'm not complaining! :)

I think it's cool getting to go here again. I plan to do well and not mess up this time. I unfortunately still am not wholely sure what I want to major in, but thankfully, preparations and guidance with said area are being prepared. Ganbatte ne, Mikey! Fai-to!
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