Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Lights in the sky

For the longest while now, I've seen it up there. A little south then east a ways, not really that far at all. There, in the sky...a strong spotlight that shines up and into the clouds, creating that funnel-like column that rotates around and around. I used to suspect that it was Porter Memorial Hospital, though that place is located basically in the middle of a field...but I realized the placing was off. It might have been the car dealership, though that made little sense...but since when did a business that places giant inflatable monsters in front of their establishment to advertise a sale have to make sense? It doesn't, as long as it attracts attention.

That spotlight in the sky, since it obviously wasn't signalling Batman, has remained a mystery to me...except it wasn't one of those mysteries that require immediate immediate investigation and a quick and concrete answer...but it sat there with all the other subconscious ponderings in the back of my mind, like wondering about the very slow decaying death of my computer or why the paper taped up on my wall is starting to curl a little on the untaped edges.

I recently found that with Comcast On-Demand, I was able to request shows (sometimes for free!), then if I had a blank VHS tape handy, I could record said media and keep it forever...or at least until it accidentally gets copied over, right? (I recorded Endless Waltz off Toonami twice and it got recorded over each time by stupid freaking sports game!!) With the gift certificates I got for Christmas, I thought I would stop by Walmart to pick up a pack of tapes...when I saw it. There. On top of that building. Why does that building have a spotlight on top of it?

McDonald's does not need a spotlight!!

Hahhhhh.... -_-; Apparently it's part of some new campaign they have going on is what Dad told me. I mean...yeah...it'll definitely get people's attention...but...a spotlight! A spotlight! Those things are used to spot prisoners when they're escaping (hijinks ensue), guide planes and ships in, and celebrate grand openings! I don't think that they're supposed to be used to tell you that you can get whatever you want from the dollar menu plus the six cents with tax. I think people already know where McDonald's is without having to be signaled! Also, the parking lot is too short for any kind of runway, so planes are obviously out of the question for visiting there, so only helicopters and flying saucers would find use of those things. ...and do you really want an extraterrestrial using your public restroom?!

Oh yeah! And the other day it snowed here and it was packable! So I made a snowman! :D

...but my face looked weird because of the flash, so you can look at my leg instead! ^_^ I'm proud of my snowman...except...people keep saying it looks like he got ran through with that broom! Nuh uh, those are supposed to be his arms! ...um...well, maybe one's a prosthetic and he didn't have the right insurance to get an arm outside of the head of a broom ^_^; No, Justin, that is NOT Aeris!!
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