Mikey (neomikey) wrote,


I housesit!

...okay, in retrospect, that's not the best content for a journal entry, so I think I'll digress some. Heya. Welcome back to reading my journal. Seeing as I still have the constant audience of...*shuffle shuffle shuffle*...one or so, I don't need to greet too many people. Anyways, I should start off talking about "the Price's". Ahh, this family.... They're cool. They're a quaint bunch of seven people--the parents, a teen girl, two teen guys, and a boy and girl of, um...pretty young age. They live in a two-story house with a basement here in Valpo, and have a network of computers. They welcome all into their household with open arms, and basically if you're responsible, friendly, and generally a friend sort of person, they'll let you stay there. They have a small room in their basement where, with a lot of other things, they have three computers in a corner of the basement that are hooked up to the rest of the network in the house. This place is wired, I'm telling you. Anyways, they also have a couch down there that has played host to many folks who stay the night over there (like me, for instance at times ;) ). My friend Chris and I usually frequent around here. This is his main source for getting online. I mean, he even has his own computer here hooked up to the network! That should tell you something, mm? ;)

Well, last night after getting off work, I came over here, just...because. I thought Chris might be over here and I could get to talk to him. Anyways, went on the computer for a bit, then went and crashed for a bit. This morning, though, I was woken by the sound of generally loud talking and mass shuffling. It turns out that the Price's were going to Florida for vacation. I asked if they had anybody to watch the place for them, to feed the cats, etc., while they were out. After that they graciously (I think?) accepted and started telling me different things that needed to be done, things I needed to look out for, and a lot of other things. Packing, packing, packing, commotion, commotion, commotion, getting into the van...then waiting...


...then finally leaving, they were off, and left the place to me. The folks should be back in a week or so, I think. Until then, I've got a constant vigil on the place. The cats will be fed, the mail will be taken in, the litter boxes will be changed...this house is in okay hands! Ha!

So yeah, I'm finished updating now. I just thought I would you let you folk(s) know what was going on here. Until we get to talk again...thanks for reading and being updated, and God bless! =)
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