Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"And be sure to drink a carton of orange juice the size of your head!"

...quote Jade yesterday. Yes, ladies and gents, once again I've come down with a nasty cold. It suddenly hit me the previous day towards the evening, and when I woke up the next day, I knew it was bad. Unfortunately, when I poured myself some orange juice, it only filled the glass up by about an inch ^_^;; Crud, I need some C...!

Anyways, college's still going okay. There was a test in Psychology the other day, and I was fretting about it. Bad. I'd been there every day for class, took notes, and read my book, though I think I have an earlier version of the text than I'm supposed to. The reason I was worried was because it seemed like none of what I was reading was sticking, because it was talking about the history of psychology, rather than related facts. Random and non-correlative tidbits of information don't stick with me too much, which's why I disliked such topics as History and Geography in school. And with college being allegedly so tough and unforgiving, I was right to be nervous! Thankfully, though...I suppose what I read did stick with me, and random things I remembered from the guy's lecture stuck with me...and I passed with a B, which was actually remarkably well compared to the others in class! ^_^

Tomorrow, Saturday, by a random twist of fate, I'll be applying to get on a gameshow! :DDDD Resident "As Seen On TV" employee, Pizza Cat hater, and gameshow lover Shaun tipped me off on an audition for a show called "Deal Or No Deal" up in Chicago. We plan to get up there plenty early, even getting me out of bed at the inhuman hour of 7 AM-ish ("There's a 7 in the morning?"). The way he described it to me, the game's mostly a bunch of guess work. Hey, I can guess! :D Then later on, if things work properly, I could be helping Weiss move to a new place with Steph's help. Him and his girlfriend Pauline are apparently leaving their old place, and...I've forgotten where they're supposed to be headed x_x; But!! It'll give me time to chill with them and say "yo", being I don't get to talk to them too much.

Ohhhh, right, right, a final thing. Recently...my journal's received more attention from the internet community! I don't exactly know how or why, but I won't argue. Ladies and gents, to address some of your curiosities, including that cryptic message left from an enigmatic "Josh", yes, you are able to leave me text messages! I would like to direct your attention to here, a link displayed on my profile page. Yes, you're able to leave me little messages, queries, or concerns that will go directly to this cellular device in my hip pocket. Though the cracked screen on the cell recently got fixed, the phone is still far from perfect ^_^;; But! With our contract, I might get a new phone soon...one that can take pictures! X3 Kee hee hee, joy!

Anyways, with a new carton of orange juice in the fridge with which I already consumed half, I think I'll try tackling the other half so I can beat this cold by tomorrow. I'd like to be on tv! =) ...oh yeah, and the money thing too XD
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