Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

The joys of the windows being closed

For once in a long while, the house is entirely empty...save for myself :3 So I thought I would write an entry about it...while having Mozart's "Canon in D" covered by a squealing guitar blasting over the speakers!! -^_^-

Anyways, here's what's going on right now. According to Dad (and I noticed this a little bit too), Mom's been losing a bit of her mobility, but I thought that was just her stroke/MS slowly getting worse. Well, just to be on the safe side, Dad took her to the hospital to get some tests done. She might be back tomorrow or the day after...but even still, she should be okay, though. I'm still worried about her, because I know she probably doesn't have many years left on this Earth unfortunately, and I dunno if maybe this is just one of the signs of her eventually passing away.... :\ So...yeah, any out there who do, please pray for her, 'kay?

But in the mean time...I think I'll try to enjoy just this moment for now of having the house to myself, even if it's slightly bittersweet ^_^; *next track is punk cover of "Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious"* Recently, a comic book shop's opened up near here! =) Yep! Right over in the mini Portage stripmall all the way on the end towards that Texan place. Much to my amazement/enjoyment...I found they were looking for roleplaying people! :D Actually tonight in about...an hour, 5:30, I'll be joining them to check out some D&D thing called "Living Greyhawk". No clue what it's going to be like! Or...if it'll be good! ^_^; Hopefully it'll be better than that awful, terrible larp over at Anime Reactor >_< In case I didn't write about it here...it was bad. Terrible. I imagine it was probably because of the people running it...but it was a bad. Game. And I've seen examples of bad games being run since then =\ But...! Well, being it seems the "group" I was trying to get going with my friends is going to be delayed for quite some time...hopefully this'll be nice instead! ...I just hope they aren't the weird/creepy folks with bad hygiene, little real life experience, and like to nasally laugh about casting Magic Missile on the darkness...! ^_^;

Anyhow, for those who were wondering...no, unfortunately, I don't think that I got accepted into Deal or No Deal. I was informed that we'd receive a phone call by 6:00 the next day if I was accepted...and hey! Howie Mandel has not been on the phone with me! ...crap :( I wanted to meet him too! He was in "Little Monsters"! And "Tribulation"! Dagnabbit, I sold that movie while working at the Christian bookstore! It had Gary Busey too! I still might appear on the promo footage, though--while everyone else was cheering for a passing camera, I made sure to ignore the camera and play my clunky old Gameboy :3

Blood-giving went okay. They did something with me called "double red". What that means is they basically took out double the amount of blood without actually doing it. Some...weird process, dunno. They got more red cells outta me. And afterwards, I got free cookies! ^_^ While sitting at the table sipping my free (score x2!) Pepsi, a grey-haired lady handed me a small bag of Grandma's Cookies. I took them and smiled. "So you made them?" I cheerfully asked. And she threatened to smack me! I-I...explained I didn't mean anything bad by that! I meant...you know...like the good kinda "grandma"! Like, um..."baa-chan" (Japanese expression of being on friendly terms with an old lady...I think)! Not necessarily pointing out she was old! ^_^;;; ...thankfully, she forgave me.

Anyways, I need to get myself cleaned up, being that I'm not coherent enough in the mornings before college to go take a shower. Before I go, though, I need to blast some Andrew W.K.'s "Party Hard" XD ...or maybe that "Mambo Leo" song from the "Odorikuruu" AMV.

No, I'm not making the Home Alone face.
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