Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Stag and with rhythm

Well, the past couple days have been...actually sorta fun! :D Well, yeah, they could be better...but it's no problem!

Actually, the roleplaying thing I mentioned in my last entry got moved ^_^; When I went there during the appointed time on Thursday, I got a casual, "...oh, right. Actually, the time got moved to noon on Saturday." *flail!!* Well...I did make it then...and thus, I got my first experience with Dungeons & Dragons...though whether this is something for me to proudly remember or it gets me +30 Nerd Points...I'm...not entirely sure. But the important thing is that I had fun, and I probably will see these people in the future as well! :) It's not every day you find people who are in their mid-to-late 30's who tabletop roleplay, do it well, and are actually quite awesome people to boot! ^_^ I even got invited along with everyone else to someone's house for dinner! I turned him down, though, because I still needed to go visit Mom, plus I couldn't forget about the dance later that night.

Rewinding a bit, though, on Friday, something pretty unexpected came up. Things were progressing in my life like normal...then suddenly Steve out in Scherrerville invited me to a DDR contest o_o;; That...was a bit random...but hey, I'm not gonna argue! :D I love competitions like that! So! I attended...and I made sure to dress snazzy as well! There was an entry fee, and when I was going, I actually forgot there was a payoff if you won! XD; I actually made it to the end in the Heavy division, the song chosen was "Dead End". I went up, then the next guy went up. Towards the end of the song, the guy tallying the scores leaned over to me. "I think you won." Finally the song ended. He nodded...then got a surprised look. "Nevermind, he won." "I did?" replied the other guy. So I didn't get the $30 I could have...and I think I might have, if I had concentrated more...but oh well, live and learn, cest la vie, doody happens, and other such phrases.

Then afterwards we went to...um..."Oberweiss", I think it's called? They had great icecream, though! And free chocolate milk!! :D

Yesterday was kind of nice too. Well...it was, aside from the snow on the freeway ^_^;; I've never dealt with snow on the freeway before! At all! That's usually a long road of pure, cleaned off flatness, but no, no...snow...and it was the powdery kind of snow that liked to drift around and dust the road...lots. I admit there were more than a couple times I got a little scared when my car or the one next to me threatened to drift over a little...especially when the particular vehicle next to me was a semi truck! o_O;; Thankfully I returned home without incident...well, except for on the bridge. For any who know about that raised portion of road of Willowcreek in Portage that snakes around a little, then puts ya by Denny's and 80-94...yeah, I was driving on that, thinking I was okay, but as the road dipped and curved around...my car started skidding, and the tire hit the curb. Really hard too! :( Nothing happened to my car, as far as I know...but I still felt bad for it, because it hadn't ever experienced a hard shock like that before! Poor Corolla...! T_T But when I got home, it was nice and peaceful out...and with the totally fresh snow, I tested how packable it was by making a snowball (wasn't very)...and since it was fresh snow, I treated myself to eating said snowball! ^_^ It almost reminded me of unflavored shaved ice, except not!

But all that snow business didn't happen until later on. Before that...I was at the school homecoming dance! ^_^ Well...it wasn't the best of dances out there...but I did get free food. It actually went more like I imagined it would than I expected o_o; I got there a little late, all the tables were occupied and most seats were taken...then it took me a bit to find somewhere to sit my behind. About everyone there was with someone too ^_^; Everyone had a friend there! I really don't know how everyone seems to know each otherr, yet I have no clue who any of these people even are o_o;; I almost felt those old feelings return--the old awkward feelings of not fitting in, resignation to be a wall flower, wondering if I should just head home, wondering if I could get the courage up to ask Emily Boyd to dance (...okay, maybe not that one XD ). It was around then I came onto a small epiphany: this wasn't Wheeler, and I also, though they weren't physically present, had a lot of people cheering me on :) Folks who actually viewed me as more than just "the Daniels kid". It was actually a really nice feeling! ^_^ And when I got on the dance floor, the awkward feeling didn't matter much! XD I just...wish...they wouldn't have played so much rap >_o I don't want to groove to a song telling about lovely lady lumps, big butts, or getting hot and removing clothing! I just...no, I can do quite without! Hahhh, thankfully, though, they also put a couple techno-ish songs on (where exactly did Cotten Eye Joe come from, and where did he go?), and I was happy ^_^

...at least I was, until I got on the freeway to go home o_o;

Actually, it's still snowing right now! Outside! And now it's...big...puffy flakes! The road thankfully looks fine, I think the plows and salt trucks are doing their jobs...but still! Well...actually I remember overhearing some people say something about a really bad snowstorm. I don't think it was going to be in the Midwest, but it probably happened somewhere at least sort of close to this portion of Indiana. I wonder if the snow is packable! If not, I at least have a fresh, new canvas for me to go draw in with my footprints! :D Know what that means...? Edward smiley!! XD
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