Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I still don't like Valentine's Day ^_^;

Yep! The title is true! I still don't!

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure your Friends page is probably littered with entries, spanning from "ZoMgOoSe I aM iN t3H lUrV!!1" to "my soul bleeds shadows, is black like the darkness, and just as cold." Whatever your opinion is...I just wanna let ya know that I still don't like this "holiday". Yeah, it's a "Hallmark holiday", something allegedly created from Hallmark for the purpose of commercialization and merchandising (at least it's not Sweetest Day, which just is just a joke). The story I heard behind Valentine's Day was with Saint Valentine getting imprisoned. During his stay there before execution, he apparently developed a crush on the jailer's daughter, and the day they took him away to go get his head lopped off, there was a note left behind signed "your Valentine". ...um, at least I think that's how the story goes.

I know I probably wrote something along these lines last year, but you're probably not going to go back one year in entries just to read an entry you'd otherwise have no interest in reading, right? XD; Well...before I go on, I want to state that please, don't get me wrong. I believe in the spirit of Valentine's Day. People should be evaluated and appreciated for who they are. Those who have a significant other should express to him/her in some form what s/he means to said person. I believe that people should appreciate everyone they know, should express such sentiments. But, instead...Valentine's Day has become a horrible, soulless, merchandising joke -_- People together are expected to get each other grandiose gifts, people who aren't with anyone apparently suffer because of said lack, and all this takes place against the backdrop of giant, red foil heart balloons, flowers, and candy. This is the most depressing day of the year to a lot of the people, even garnering the title amongst some "Singles Awareness Day", and apparently a lot of suicides take place today too unfortunately :\

Now, please, again, don't get me wrong! There is absolutely nothing wrong with giant, red foil heart balloons, flowers, and candy as long as it's done in the proper spirit! Just like any gift! The purpose of gifts isn't supposed to be to "gimme somethin'". It's supposed to be an expression, something that symbolizes your feelings, whatever they might be (appreciation, gratitude, overflowing sentiment, etc.), and I think a lot of people in America and other such countries forget that. Which brings me back to my original point that I think that this holiday shouldn't be centralized around some ideals like it is, making it into a hassle and conditional/segregated holiday, but rather for a universal, platonic love thing for everyone...and those with someone, to give them an excuse to show their appreciation and love for their significant other that little much more for one day.

So, to everyone, rock on, and I hope your Valentine's Day goes okay. If you have someone in your life, appreciate him/her for all you're worth. If you don't have someone in your life, don't worry about it, you don't need someone in your life to make you complete...but at the same time, take today to show your expressions of appreciation to all those people close to you. After all, who says that "love" has to be the romantic kind? :)

EDIT: Go check out the REMIX of the comic bicceh did for me last year!! ^_^
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