Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I made a girl cry....

...b-but, before you start hating me, it was a good kind of cry! ^_^;; I was telling her a story about someone, and it actually touched her enough it moved her to tears a little.

Anyways, I have about fifteen minutes before my next class, so I thought I would quickly visit the computer lab, and with spastic typing, see how many random updates I can remember and put into here.

Let's see...the other day I got a new phone! YES!! So now I don't have a phone that hates me anymore! XD ...hopefully. It's a camera phone, actually, and it's pretty nice! So far it hasn't been beeping at me, acting weird, or anything like that, and I like that it can take pictures :3 It has a lot more features than my old phone did, like I can actually make my own wallpaper and such, including on that little screen on the cover of it. I decided to name it "Tomato", and anybody who can guess what pictures I have on there judging from that name wins an internet! ^_^

The other day, with Mom being in the hospital, I decided to go try and cheer her up a litte. Richard Dean Anderson is a genius among men, and using his MacGyver instincts combined with my own ninja stealth skillz, I entered the hospital looking very fat, potentially even pregnant o_o; No, ladies and gents, I was not with child actually...but with cat instead XD Without a single word from the feline the entire way, I made it up to Mom's room, closed the door, and unzipped this gigantic jacket to reveal, kept in a pillowcase, Trouble, a.k.a. Big Cat, a.k.a. Time Cat. And, in his usual manner, he got nervous at first, looking around, wondering where he was, and I imagine he was bewildered by the very foreign smells around him. But after looking around for a couple minutes...he turned around, lied down, got comfortable by Mom's side, and proceeded to purr and not move at all.

...until the nurse came in, that is. I heard footsteps outside, and when I saw from the reflection on the floor under the door two feet, quickly proceeded by a knock at the door asking if Mom was okay, I grabbed Trouble and thrust him into the back of my jacket while I was sitting. It was a very awkward task ^_^;; Mom burst out laughing, the nurse came in to make sure Mom was okay before she left her shift, and I acted totally normal. Then Mom said this while still laughing a little: "I'm sorry...my son brought my cat in." MOM!! o_O;;; You aren't supposed to tell these people that!! Thankfully the nurse just asked if Trouble had all his shots, then said she didn't see anything, and left.

Anyways, Mom's been in the hospital almost two weeks now. ...actually feels pretty weird o_O; I mean, I've been out of the house more since she's not been there, but I think because of that, I notice it less. I've made an effort to go up there to visit her when I'm able to, though! I was told recently that she'll actually be up there for a few more weeks. They have things to take care of with rehab concerning her stroke and MS-related issues. Something with a lesion on her brainstem, or something like that, which has been affecting her speech and movement control.

On Valentine's Day...I received Valentines! ^_^ No, all except one of them were non-serious. When I got out of class last Tuesday, I went and sat with Hillary and Fawn for a little while like I usually do when 2:00 and my last class comes around. Hillary thought it would be nice if she made me a Valentine. On a piece of notebook paper, she made a heart with bees around it, a beehive, and the stereotypical and quite cheesy "bee mine". Awwwwww.... Then her sister Fawn took the piece of paper and made me one on the opposite side! It was a bottle of poison with "drop dead" written by it. Awwwwww.... Then they started fighting when her sister tried to take it and write "Love, Fawn" on there XD

Whoah crud, I'm late! o_O Welp! There's my update of my journal! I'll...try and write and update more! ^_^;;
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