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Well, yesterday was a day fraught with a bit of frustration...but I think I'm feeling better now ^_^; I suppose the purpose of me writing this entry's to document said events, and with nobody around to tell me to shut up (hush, Kristen)...I'll continue! :D

Y'see, folks, borrowing the term from my pal Jade, I'm a "bad panda". I mean, not on purpose have I been said bad panda, though a touch of irresponsibility on my part is at fault. It a~ll started at the beginning of the semester when purchasing books. From previous encounters, I believed my old Psychology book to be compatible with the new one for the class. I didn't get to ask my professor if this was indeed so, but so far, actually...the book's chapters were going right alongside with what he was saying and assigning to read! Hmph, I'm not gonna argue! The thing is that I actually feel really, really guilty whenever I use my dad's money. I mean, some folks might look at my life currently and think I'm some spoiled guy with no job whose daddy pays for everything in his life...but c'mon, you all know that's not true >_o It seriously irked me when a friend mouthed off to his girlfriend that I was an unemployed freeloader who stood at home the whole time without letting me explain >_< ...dangit, he's cool normally...but I wanted to take the chair he was sitting in and go WWE on him right then.

But anyways, before I digress anymore, I always feel guilty when using Dad's money. He already does my car payment, as well as the insurance! I remember back when I was first going to college, when the semester at North Central came and Dad specifically pointed out he was writing a check for over $1,200 for me to go there that semester, I felt terrible! And when the end of that semester came and every class except one resulted in a "FAILURE"...yeah, that seriously broke my spirits then -_- So whenever I can, I try to not spend Dad's money. The Psychology book I used before seemed ju~st fine to me.

...until the most recent chapters >_o

Startled at the revelation that it now proved impossible and incongruous to study from this book, plus the fact there's a freaking test come Tuesday (plus the fact my mind was elsewhere on Thursday when I was leaving school, dangit >_< ), I decided to go out to the college bookstore to pick myself up said needed copy of said textbook! ...but unfortunately, my memory betrayed me--the bookstore does notstay open on the weekends.

Actually there was barely anyone there then! o_O The parking lot, while still containing students' cars, was a far cry from being filled as much as it normally is on weekdays. So after I managed to get a nice parking space and get inside...I stood before a big closed door...and these are actually really fancy wooden doors with intricate woodcarvings and everything in them, so that just added to the dramatic effect of "bum bum bummmm...denied!" ^_^;;; Thankfully, I'll be able to grab the book on Monday...but even still, those are a few more days of not studying I probably could really use...!

So being rejected by the dramatic door, I thought I'd talk to Jade! :D I trekked across campus to her office, and like much of what I saw on the way there, her place was dark and empty. ...crap. So I thought I'd explore! -^_^- I think it might be my affiniation with playing Metal Gear, but I love finding my way around giant buildings like that, finding new areas and rooms (not going anywhere I'm not supposed to, though!)...and I even found out I could go on the roof!! :D My cell phone actually beeped its notification that I got a signal when I opened the door! XD

There were actually a couple people in Scherrerville I wanted to call, being that I was in the area...but unfortunately, being this cell phone is brand new...my contacts list is horribly decimated! =\ I've been asking friends for their phone numbers all over again, except this time, I take their pictures too! ^_^ So, being I was unable to call the people I wanted to, I started back across campus for my car, but when going through the library building, passing by the lobby, what was just coming on tv? Why the Fairly Odd Parents tv movie "Channel Chasers"! :DDDD You know, I was downtrodden about my current situation right then, so I plopped myself down in a nice plush chair and chilled for a half-hour -^_^- Hee...Cosmo's a monkey, but he still wears a mask....

Anyways, following that, I found myself to be hungered, so I stopped by McDonald's, and I used something Dad gave me as an alternative to him having to cook dinner while Mom's in the hospital--a McDonald's giftcard! ^_^;; Four double cheeseburgers later, and I was on my way to Justin's house unannounced. You see, there were a couple reasons I wanted to see Justin (...and not want to hit him with a chair), and one of them is a panel idea which I have for Anime Central.

You see, folks, I'll pause that story a moment to tell you about this idea I have for a panel. At Youmacon and other conventions, I've sat in on anime music video panels. Sometimes they're advertised with "How to make an AMV! :DDDDD" Yayyyyyy! But when I went there, they...didn't follow through too much =\ It was more or less talking to people who already have some video experience, as well as telling you how to do the fancy-shmancy stuff with Premiere. "Yeah, sure, you can use Windows Movie Maker if you want...but for now, check out this cool effect!!" Dangit! >_<

So. My idea is this--"Good AMV-Making for Absolute, Total Beginners 101". Class is in session, and I am your fuhrer professor, now sit down, shut up, and listen up. I won't tell people how to make awesome, stupendous AMV's, but rather how to get started and at least on the right track. I'm no "big name" (though recently I talked to Sierra Lorna briefly about a really, really freaking awesome multi-editor project, and she said she and her sister saw my Eva "Hero" video and liked it a lot, eeeeeeeeeee~!!! *flail!!!*), but I can at least tell people how to make something decent, and where they go from there is all up to them. I'd be discussing what programs are out there and what is needed, how to go from plain DVD footage to workable, editable footage on the computer, instead of confusing them with talk of stuff like AMV.org's guide that talked all about AVI Synth and DGIndex and junk -_- Plus I'd give a couple fine points out on editing, i.e., timing, format, effects (definitely stress to keep these at a minimum), encoding, and taste ("Do NOT make any videos with Dragonball Z and Linkin Park or use any Evanescence songs!"). I'd even talk a little how being good at DDR helps out a whole lot when you're just starting up with making AMV's.

But what I would be talking about this whole time would be Windows Movie Maker. One of the other things I would show these people is exactly how to use it, make a music video with it, and to (...hopefully) have it to do what you want it to do. I'd also give a strong warning to them about how much of a pain in the neck the program can be...but if they keep at it, they should be able to hopefully do well. But the thing is that the people who go there aren't all going to want to learn about how to use Windows Movie Maker, which is where Justin comes in. He would help me to co-run this panel, plus would teach people about how to use Adobe Premiere. And I was also thinking of asking any AMV "big name" I can get who would also be in attendance if they could join in our panel, since, well...s/he's an officially recognized pro, and we're not ^_^; ...I do have my rants about the AMV community, but that'll have to wait for some other time. The point is whoever we'd be getting to join us is a "pro", and we're not. I was thinking about asking Sailor Death if he'd be interested.... My gosh, folks, he actually attends my school, and he's also friends with Hillary and Fawn! I got to talk to him a bit the other day too! =) And he told me when I called him those couple years ago, he thought I was some stalker who found his number on the internet! XD

During our panel, we'd also make sure to have everyone make a pledge they would not use their learned AMV skills for evil...then at the end, we'd hand out free CD's to everyone containing the free programs they'd need, like DVD2AVI, Tsunami MPEG Encoder, and Virtual Dub...plus also Justin and I would include our videos! XD Well...we'll just say it's to show them where we started and where we've gone! What we've done with the knowledge we've imparted to them! *nod, nod!!*

Well, while I've not yet passed this idea by the Anime Central staff yet, Justin, in a brief phone conversation, said he'd be up for running the panel! So...I wanted to run my ideas by him, and hopefully we'd be able to set up some organization with this thing. After all, if at least you plan some, an hour of talking, along with questions and such, can go by pretty fast! ^_^ So with a bag of four double cheeseburgers by my side, I marched up the steps of his apartment building and knocked on the door. Whazzah!!

...'cept he wasn't home ^_^;; No clue where he was, but wherever it was, it was not there. Crud.... So! Being that I was out in the area, I thought I'd take care of another article of business which coincidentally related to Anime Central as well--costumes!! XD I drove over to Urd's place to talk to her about helping me out with making the needed costumes for this year. Oh yeah, and I don't think I've mentioned it on LiveJournal yet.... I plan to assemble the Samurai Pizza Cats all together! =) Yes, ladies and gents, my costuming will go from the lone Speedy Cerviche and will actually assemble the three of them together in spectacular and really cool awesomeness!! (...in theory, at least ^_^; ) Darrell actually volunteered to join aboard, being he's planning on coming to Acen as well, and I'll relinquish my title of Speedy to him, being he's shorter than me...and that's the exact reason he gave me too! So I would become Guido Anchovie, the suave and lady's man Pizza Cat wearing the blue armor and wielding the Samurai Sunspot Umbrella...and hey, maybe I can get a tan in time, and have tanned skin to complete the look! XD And then we'd have Polly, who would be--


Crap!! No Polly! >_< There was actually someone who was supposed to be her, but unfortunately other events relating to her career field in proximity to the time of Acen interfere with her joining us...so I can understand that. But still! =\ I need a girl! ...wait, no, no, that sounded wrong. But...but you know what I mean! I need to find someone female who is going to Anime Central and would be willing to wear this costume. And when it comes to northwest Indiana...there are, umm...*counts*...one, potentially two girls I personally know who are going ^_^;; One of them, I don't have her number, and the other...it's not guaranteed that she'll go, and I would feel sort of bad contacting her out of the blue and saying basically, "I can't find anyone, but you'll do! Interested?" So, a side note right here...any and all of you reading this, though I'm sure it'll be very few by now with how long this entry's gone on...in the event you live in the Chicagoland region and are going to Acen or know somebody who is and is a girl...could you pleeeeeaaaase let me know if there is interest? ^_^; The costume would be in total about $40-$50...! That's mostly just for the armor! Anyone...? Someone...? A girl...?

Well, regardless if the position of Miss Polly Ester would be filled or not, there are still some costumes that need to be finished! My Speedy costume needs to be edited and refitted for Darrell ("Those pants grabbed my rear like no one ever has before." thanks for the image, Darrell...! x_X;;; ), plus Guido needs to be started from scratch...though...thankfully, we at least know more or less what we're doing this time ^_^; So, to talk with Urd about all this, I went over to her house with a bag with four double cheeseburgers at my side, and knocked on the door. And you know what? Aside from their two aging dogs...the house was empty -_- Not even Hillary, Fawn, or their little sister Shaina was in! Dangit, dangit...!

So I departed from there and drove to see my mom over at the Broadway Methodist Hospital in Merrillville. Y'know...it's weird how this happened, but recently I made myself a new CD, and this was the third time now I've driven into the parking lot, and "Metal Gear May Cry (Remastered)" was playing o_O (oh yeah, on Friday I smuggled Molly up to see Mom! XD she behaved herself the whole time, and was not discovered! I like this cat-smuggling deal!) So, instead of a cat on my person, instead I had that McDonald's bag with four double cheeseburgers in it instead. I figured that since the others failed, I could at least share these with Mom! ...but...I was wrong, she told me they're too large and dry for her throat to handle ^_^;; ...cruuuuuud....

I stood up there a bit and talked with her. Yeah, she's doing fine still, but rehab is pretty hard on her, and for a little bit she actually apparently up and quit cooperating with them, because she deemed it "too hard". Dad apparently talked to her later on and "convinced" her to cooperate with them...but, please don't think I'm accusing him, I think that probably involved him yelling at her in his usual fashion -_-x I feel really bad for Mom, though, because she tells me that she's bored up there, because all she does is sit and watch tv (though the hospital now has cable, unlike it did before!). I told Mom we'd like her back home soon...but I think at the back of her mind, she knows that when she's back home, it'll involve more sitting around and simply watching tv all day :\ Man, I seriously feel terrible for her and the life she has...! I try and do what I can to give her life more happiness...but I feel like I'm doing a terrible job :/ I mean, I try to sit with her sometimes and watch tv with her...but there's only so much tv I can take before I think to myself there's something more pressing I should be taking care of. But at the same time...that's all that my mom does, day in and day out, virtually from each morning to each evening! Hahhh.... Hey, if anyone out there has a relative or knows someone inhibited like this, is there some way their life is made better, instead of being restrained to a chair and the cable box day in and day out...? :\

While up in the hospital room with Mom, I ate some of my double cheeseburgers while watching "The Mummy" with her. It was...an entertaining watch, but there're some parts, from what I saw of the movie, that made me really cringe...like when that cursed scarab broke free and got into that guy's boot >_< Anyways, there were some places I wanted to stop by before I got home, and I wanted to make sure they were open, so eventually I told Mom I had to go. I gave her a hug and a kiss, and telling her I'd try to smuggle up a cat again sometime ( X3 !!), I left.

I originally wanted to stop by the mall to see a new friend I recently made. While at the foodcourt a few weeks ago, I got myself a bite to eat at the Panda Express (orange chicken rocks!), and the girl serving me noticed my Dreamcast shirt. We talked a little, being it turns out she was a fan of videogames, Red vs. Blue, and anime (how the crap...?), and she seemed like an amiable person, and one of the times I talked to her, I told her I'd give her a copy of my AMV's (what...? stop looking at me like that!). I really, really hope she doesn't develop a crush on me, though ^_^;;; But I then realized I didn't have any time to, because there was a deadline for something I had to meet later that night. I'll talk more on that later.

So instead I went to Sportmart! =) Yes, ladies and gents, that was a needed stop, and for good reason. I wanted to check their stock of football gear in preparation for the assembling of the Pizza Cat costumes. It turns out they still had some sets of the same kinds of shoulderpads I bought for last year's costume...and actually they brought the price down too! WHOO! Checking their other equipment, I surmised they had a lot of what I'd need for the costumes, and I was ready to use my credit card to pick up a thing or two...but then that point I wrote about earlier came up. I mean, I'm sure Dad would be okay with me getting the stuff...but the thing is that I wanted to ask him first instead of assuming :\ I mean, there have been plenty of times in the past where I've been upset at people assuming stuff about me, like the time Ryan and Fallon came back with a new kitten -_- So I put the shoulderpads back away (...which was on a really high shelf and people saw my belly x_X ) and left, heading back home, hoping I could make it in time. It had been on my mind the whole week ever since I found out about it, and now I could see it in person. And...yup, I made it home in time! Just in time for...

"Kappa Mikey"!! XD!!

A~ll right, I should probably let you all know about this show which, I think, might eventually become a new favorite show, even despite the fact the character's name is "Mikey"! It's a show produced by Nickelodeon...but before any of you start rolling your eyes, it's not ridiculously kiddy or anything like that. And besides...I like cartoons in general! -^_^- The show is about an American actor named Mikey who travels to Japan to be in an anime show. Mikey is animated like any other North American cartoon, but any and all characters who are Japanese...are drawn in a horrible pseudo anime style XD It's amazing how Mikey is actually surprisingly well animated and choreographed, while the "anime" people are...well, they don't use as many frames of animation ^_^; But still! I found it to be a pretty enjoyable show, and I'm hoping I'll be able to catch it next week too! There were a few anime references they threw in there I caught. It was obvious one brief character was Speed Racer grown up, but at the same time with one girl getting mad, the exact way she did it was drawn and orchestrated just like Yukari-sensei from Azumanga Daioh. If you wanna see more about, go to its official website (...though in all their pictures, they don't use too many bad-looking pictures ^_^; )

I think this show poses a problem for me, though. While I admit it is kinda cool to have a pretty cool show named after me, especially given the content...I'm also worried a little about the accusations that might come my way. See, folks, back in the beginning of 1999 when I first got on the internet, and after name-searching a little I became "NeoMikey", a little while later "The Matrix" came out, and I started getting comments. No, I did not make the name from Keanu Reaves's character, dangit! >_< Finally, in years past, said accusations have faded...but now arises this problem. "Mikey, huh? Like 'Kappa Mikey'?" "You ever see 'Kappa Mikey'?" Crud, I'm sure it'll eventually happen, Mikey will do some spectacular stunt, time will slow down or freeze, and the camera will dramatically move around when that happens, and people will go, "Whoah, hey, it's Neo Mikey!" Waghh!! No, no, no! I'm Mikey! Mikey is me! I'm original, folks!!

...y'know, it'd be pretty cool, though, if I found out I had a hand in inspiring some random person on the internet or something along the way into making that show, though X3;

I found out more episodes were going to come on in a bit then too! :DDDD Aww, rocking! I was looking forward to it, then--

I fell asleep ^_^;; At least until Stephanie called for chitchat some. You know, folks, she keeps bugging me to write about "King Talkie Tiki" in here, and due to the overall decency level I try to keep in my writings...I'll just say that it's a green, foam object she likes giving along with her gifts to people.... But instead of going on about that creation of hers, I think I'll instead finish this entry with talking about another of her creations! A week or two ago, we celebrated our pal Steve Weiss's birthday. Steve/Weiss (either works XD ) is crazy, but he's cool. He's someone who shares my secret love of lighting things on fire! Back in high school, actually, we were in the same film class, and we formed a group and made a trailer for a movie called "Explosions!!" (two exclamation points) But something he loves just as much as fire and explosions...is monkeys. And for any who've ever watched "Family Guy" will instantly recognize this monkey here.

And...I know I've written an exceedingly long entry this time, and for that, you have my apologies. But...ehh, just think that this basically covered a lot of ground in my life which I thought needed to be written about in here anyways. Next entry'll be shorter! Mostly it'll just be a picture! :D

...and this's a dangerous some to jam to o_o;
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