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After the boys of summer have gone....

It's almost over. Only a few more days until September. And that will officially declare the end of summer in many people's minds. Oh how I wish the time couldn't have gone by so fast.... I only got to swim once during this summer. I didn't get to go to the fairs. I think I even missed the festival out in Hobart. Well, no use to lamenting the past now; only learning from it and preparing for the future.

I need to head in to work tonight at 5, but before that pick up some Diet Coke per request of the roommates. I was also hoping to quickly stop by my parents' place to quickly say "hi". I like seeing them. Today has been quite slow; not much has gone on. Yesterday was the same as well.

Oh yeah! (Sort of) Big news! I finally found someplace that was looking for voice actors! I don't know if I mentioned to you people before, but one of the few things I was hoping to choose as a career choice was voice-acting. A new friend of mine I met online, her name's Julia (hiiii!), recently showed me an anime-in-production some people she knows are making. It's actually pretty high quality! ...unfortunately, most of the parts are for small children...which...my voice really is mostly incapable of doing. So instead! I decided to audition for the part of this mischievous flying bat thing that's apparently evil and plotting with his cohort Draconis (some "bishonen" (pretty boy) guy) to take over the world. This wasn't the first part I chose, but I saw that it was the only part with which my voice likely would do. ...sort of a scratchy, small voice . I'm waiting for a reply from the people so I could send the mp3 to their ftp server. And for those of you who don't know/care about what I'm talking about...um, I'm sure I'll elaborate on it (hopefully) more in the future.

floating bat thing with no legs and lines on said face Rar.

Anyways, Ryan decided to quit his job at Taco Bell. He's going back to McDonald's. Today's his last day, and he gets out of there at 4. Ah, they weren't giving him the hours that they originally said they were going to (at least now they aren't), and McDonald's seemed like a better prospect overall, so he's returning there tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow; that soon. Thanks to those of you who prayed about Ryan.

Fallon's been doing okay with college. Lately there has been a small dispute about somebody she's been carpooling with--she doesn't offer to give Fallon money for her services. So~! She's going to hear about that soon next Fallon talks to her.

I don't know how the roommate search has been going. I've talked to a few of my friends, and they're grounded right now in anything they might be able to do. All my friends have issues with which they're dealing, so...yeah, hopefully my roommates will find an outside source for a roommate. I'm hoping to help them how I can. The only possible problem I potentially foresee is the price of living here. $500 a month. Yeah...I know. Expensive. But that's everything: rent, utilities, phone, internet--it usually settles about that much. But the location is pretty nice. It's very quiet here, and right near downtown Valpo; actually you can walk there.

Anyways, pray for us about that, okay? And it's 3:48, so I need to get headed out so I can grab the money for the bills and pick up that Diet Coke that my roommates are so addicted to. It's like...they're camels or something with this stuff! Addicts! I'm serious! Diet Coke is...everywhere! I quietly wonder to myself if they thought to save money by getting a Dasani water filter, or whatever the name is, and just drink purified water like that. 'Twould be healthier...less expensive too...and they wouldn't waste so much aluminum.... Ah, anyways, I'm heading out now. Oh yeah, and for the curious, I am feeling better, thank you. I think it just might have been that night. ...and, um, the Spanish just said I wasn't feeling well, basically. Anyways, I'm pushing "post" now.
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