Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Like when you get a long piece in Tetris after you've been stacking up blocks on the side awhile

Overall...things have been pretty nifty! ^_^

Things have just fit pretty well recently for me, and today was no exception! Every Tuesday and Thursday, I wake up for the purpose of school at about 8. I always groggily open my eyes, trudge across the room, smack (literally) the Snooze button, trudge back to my room, and flop down in my bed for nine more minutes...till it goes off again XD; Thankfully, I've not had the problem I did at the apartment with my sleep patterns, because they're better maintained n:ow, plus I have the sure backup of my parents waking me up if for some reason the alarm doesn't rouse me. 8:20 comes around, and it's out the door I go to Urd's place! During this time, I'm usually wearing my goggles, because I still think it too blasted bright outside for my morning eyes. They're usually on when I walk up Urd's doorstep too! Fawn opens the door, usually gives a non-serious discourteous comment, usually along the lines of, "What do you want?" to which I always reply, "World peace!"

At first, I thought driving Fawn to school would be an awkward ordeal, because of how much we "feud", but the fact is that in the morning, she's usually more an amiable as well as a talkative person then, and I'm still slightly tired, so I don't bug her as much either. Finally, we get to Purdue, I drop her off at the sidewalk, and as she gets out she usually tells me something along the lines of, "Get off my lawn!" or "Get out of my car!" Somehow, though...today was the first day she's ever actually given me a straight "See you!" Huh....

Class usually proceeds as normal, with Professor Pick giving us our lecture in Psychology, and though he's prone to anti-God sentiments, I'm there to learn, not pick arguments ^_^; Next is Math with Professor Shi who, though she can't speak English perfectly, is actually a very nice and sometimes fun lady! There's actually a complaint I have with the class, but right now I won't say what it is, because I need to get concrete evidence about this first. No, it's not with Professor Shi or the class itself--just a scheduling issue about which I'll write more later. After that math class is then English Composition with always friendly and always energetic Professor (April, though I'm not allowed to call her that in class) Gabbert. We only meet once a week instead of twice, but it's still nice. I like to write, and I've gotten high comments from her concerning some of my papers!

It's been a cakewalk through Math--I seriously have doubts whether I was supposed to be in there or not. Psychology has been going surprisingly well, though I actually still don't have a text book for it!! ^_^;;; Crap!! I've been going by my notes, as well as my old (...and apparently outdated) Psychology text, as well as attending a pre-class study session occasionally (you can say "occasionally" if you've just gone once so far, right...?). With English composition, things have been going very well in there, and I like the freedom I get for papers! For a paper analyzing an organizational website, I chose the "Risembool Rangers", a.k.a. Vic Mignogna's fansite. I've also written about my childhood and gave such anecdotes as Darrell and I writing stories of us versus the "Evil Lawyer" and swinging around lightsabers. And for my Finals (that's a capital "f") paper, I'm writing about whether overall if anime is good or bad for people. For my whole life, I was under the impression I wasn't supposed to like school! XD;;

Along with good grades, other things have been working well for me also. I've begun a secret "secret project", of which has the uttermost secrecy about the secret secrets contained secretly within in secrecy. It's secret...quite secret.... >_> But if you ask me about it, I'll tell ya! :D But...once it's finished, I'll probably make a post in bolded caps with a large font to get your attention on your Friends page to go to the link. ;D Come o~n, you know you're looking forward to it! Trust me...you will like it!

Anyways, I don't know if I wrote about it or not, but Mom's come back home from the hospital. Actually...it was awhile back! ^_^;; Ah heh...! I suppose that shows how much I go (...or rather don't go) on LiveJournal...or much anywhere else, actually! But...yes, Mom is back home, and she's doing okay. For the past few months, her voice actually has been leaving her, but while in the hospital they tried helping her with therapy for that, and now Mom is back at home with therapists occasionally coming over and doing therapy there. It's actually been commented she'd be "better off" in a nursing home...but the thing is that she'd be super depressed over there! =\ Just in your room the whole day watching tv with a bunch of other defunct people, visitors not too often, and Mom couldn't have her pets/babies with her! Overall, she's much more satisfied with our house instead of some home. She had enough drabness while in the hospital ^_^;

Also, yesterday I got a package in the mail from a friend!! It's a delayed Christmas present, actually! My gosh, folks, I now have an awesome Xbox game (...no, not Oblivion, you fanboys), a couple DVD's (one of them is a semi-documentary about Metal Gear! O_O ), and...loads of Pocky! X3 I'm not an addict, really! That package currently in the cupholder in my car...has been there! >_> Yes! ...hush.

And speaking of Christmas presents, I feel terrible I haven't mailed out some gifts by now ^_^; Whether it's circumstances or just my own forgetfulness, no, you people, I haven't forgotten about you. ...a lot of it revolves around me actually obtaining said packages in the first place to send out, though...so...so don't blame me entirely!! >_>;;;

Also, lately I've gotten more into the roleplaying circuit. No, not console games...but the dice sort. Yes, you can call me a geek. I'm not heavily, heavily into it...but I do enjoy it. I'm still staying away from "Vampire", though, because no offense to the people who play it, but it still weirds me out a bit ^_^; I don't see the appeal in playing that sort of role! I mean, I'm willing to give it a shot if it should ever be presented to me, I suppose...but I'm not going out of my way for it.... ^_^;; But! Yes, roleplaying, here on the Purdue Calumet campus, where I'm currently typing this journal entry! I've tried "Dungeons & Dragons"...and actually am not much a fan of the system. Instead, I like "Earthdawn"! It's FASA's prequel to "Shadowrun", actually a really pretty old game...though I'm sure right now most of you have no idea what I'm saying ^_^;

Anyways, the time is getting on, so I should get headed out. But! Well...I suppose I should probably update my journal more, shouldn't I? Ah heh heh...! I know some of you visit my page to see what's going on with me, instead of being part of the LJ community, and seeing the same entry day after day, multiple weeks on end can sometimes be a bit frustrating.... So...sorry about that!

And with that, I'll end here. Adieu :)

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