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I apologize if you're not in the best of moods right now as you're reading this and the tone doesn't match up with how you're feeling, but today's thus far been freaking BEAUTIFUL (just annunciating that fact ;) ). Outside it's...I think 55 degrees Farenheit. I put on my jacket this morning like I always do, because it's a force of habit, and I enjoy the extra pockets. But it wasn't until I had picked up Fawn, dropped her off, and trekked across the parking lot to the school that I realized...it's freaking BEAUTIFUL! I didn't need my coat at all! I don't even need this sweater I'm wearing right now! XD; Then in Psychology, our room had the door to the outside (our stadium-seated room has one of those, actually!) propped open with a chair, and I was getting a little warm wearing my jacket! ^_^; Taking it off would have made too much sense, hush. Then...he let us out a half-hour early! During this gorgeous day! Which is turning out even MORE freaking beautiful. So after Math, I plan on getting home early, maybe taking a small nap, hopefully finishing my secret "secret project" which must be kept in its secret secrecy, and then...well, probably continuing to work on it the rest of the day ^_^; And watch Mom in the process, because Dad'll be at work. Yep!

So to ensure I get to class in time, as well as enjoy a bit of free time out in this freaking BEAUTIFUL weather, I'll end this here, but not before giving you kind, gentle readers some links :3

MyHeritage Celebrity Photo Match. You give it a picture, it tells you what celebrity you resemble...male and female. Unfortunately, some people's faces have better success than others o_o;

DrawBall. It's a giant circle. GIANT circle. And you draw on it. It's very entertaining to look through, and I'm glad the well done pieces get preserved. It's a pity, though, there are a lot of immature folks who carelessly scribble over some people's work, and I'd really be happier if those idiots from 4chan didn't frequent there either -_-


4q.cc. Telling you everything you ever wanted to know about Mr. T, Chuck Norris...oh yeah, and that other one.

Snakes On A Freaking Plane Trailer!!! Okay, I know for a lot of you this has been spammed across your Friends page...but others probably haven't seen it. So...SNAKES!! On a PLANE, man!!! Like, officially!!

A flying lawnmower. I really want someone to explain this one to me o_o;; No, really!! How'd--?!

Tetris Mastar. This video is so painful...and so beautiful watch...! How come I can't do this kind of thing on my cell phone?!

A terrible...horrible...handgun tragedy :(. It's terrible they had to go that way.... Just...terrible...can't believe it, this was all so sad...! (Dude, this reminds me of this banned Xbox 360 commercial!! X3 )

FREAKING SEXY. Man, I forgot about this...! It's freaking old! ^_^; ...but...come on, look at the sexiness. How could anyone dare to rate that a 4.2?!
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