Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

That time of the year again

Hahhh.... The weather went a little bit sour after my last entry. The weather got colder, the wind got stronger, and gas prices...yeah, they suck >_o But! As of yesterday...the weather is officially gorgeous! My car thermometer claimed it to be 70 Farenheit, then today it claimed it to be 75. I'm very liking this :3

All the signs of spring have returned again as well. On the day I made the last entry, I was just leaving the campus when I found a train blocking my normal way home. I decided to find a way around it, and that's when I heard it. I don't know what song it was, but it was definitely something cheerful. Once I found this ice cream truck, I made sure to pull over to grab myself a toffee bar. Geez I love those guys! X3

Other signs of spring have surfaced as well. It seems that beggars have once again to appear towards Route 20 (a rather shabby area) on corners. Also, I had to pick up Mom from rehab at the hospital today. After a brief stop at Walmart, I come back to find bird doody on my windshield x_X Yeah...it's definitely spring!

I got to have one of the most relaxing experiences the other night, though. It might not sound like much, but I got to lie in the middle of my floor with a nice comfy pillow under my head with the window completely open, finishing a 2-liter of Mountain Dew Pitch Black (thank you, Kristen!), while getting to watch the newest batch of episodes of Patlabor from Comcast On-Demand.

And actually, today after Mom and I got back home, I decided to go take a nap. I don't know why, but I've just not been able to sleep and stay asleep it seems lately =\ But it's so nice out today, though, I opened my window wide up, and lied down with no blanket. So nice...so peaceful...so--*ring ring!*

Daggumit.... It was Kristen coincidentally, calling to ask some costume-related inquiries. After that, I got to lay back down, while enjoying the nice air...the nice weather...drifting off, drifting o--*ring ring!* I bolted up and hit my head on the lip of the headboard. x_X "What do you people waaaant?"

Anyways, I need to be up about right now anyways, so I guess it's all right...but still, I'm not happy about it ^_^; Anyways, before I head off, I wanted to wish Biccy a happy birthday! ;) Congrats, you made it to 18. Watch for a message from YouSendIt in your inbox soon. And, um...yeah, I suppose that's all there is to update right now! :D;
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