Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Adventures of ACTION MIKEY!! Volume 01, Collector's Edition

...erm...actually...I don't have much interesting to put here! ^_^; I mean, sure, recently I've been in a race against time to find the back end of a train to get to class on time, sneaking through shadows and hiding behind trees to see what's keeping some friends, plus making grand leaps between benches, but...honestly, as far as content goes, there really isn't too much right now! ^_^;;

If this was a tv show or movie, this entire part would more or less be glazed over in one of those quickly transitioning scenes. You know...like seeing the person, they're doing a lot of random stuff in different scenes, there's some song playing in the background, outside the weather will keep changing, the days on the calendar will keep going onward...something like that! I mean, I'm sure you all don't want me just to write, "I went to school. I listened to a lecture. I came home." That's...that's boring! Maybe my life could use some explosions, car chase sequences, dramatic sword fights on bridges, stuff like that! "Be careful what I wish for," sure, but at least my life wouldn't be boring for a bit? :D Right? ...right?

Anyways, in two weeks, the convention that everybody's been looking forward to, Anime Central, will be here, and I'll be there :) Once more donning Samurai Pizza Cat armor, I shall not be there alone. Someone (Kristen once again, incidentally) will be filling the role of Polly, while my buddy Darrell hinted to me he might not go now o_o;; Aww, dagummit! Well...hopefully he'll go.... I'm investing a lot in these costumes! ...well, not a lot-lot...but...but still!

Anyways, while my AMV panel is a no-go as far as Anime Central is concerned, I recently heard back from Jafax! They said they discussed me holding my panel, and they had a favorable reaction!! -^_^- I might actually get to do it! Eeeeee~!! Now I just have to attend a meeting on May 28th. For the sake of their consciences, I didn't tell them I lived two hours away...ah heh heh heh...!! ^_^;;

This weekend, though, I'll actually be going up to Michigan again too. It's to help Kristen with her costume :) Wish me luck, I'll be going solo now constructing a costume instead of getting Urd and co to help me! It should be simple enough; "should" be the operative word here. But I think I'll be all right.

Let's see...anything else...anything else important...?

Oh yeah, and over the weekend I went to Tennessee with Urd and co to an anime convention, because their van broke down and they offered to pay for my gas and I got to dress in my Pizza Cat armor again and also I saw Vic Mignogna and Caitlin Glass again and they're soooo coooooool and it was fun and people took lots of pictures and also I joined up with Fans for Christ, which is kind of like ChristianAnime.com, except this more shows a lot of different fandoms out there and how it's actually okay for Christians to like them, like Dungeons & Dragons, anime, and apparently even gothic folks to a certain degree, oh, and finally I also got hugs from Vic and Caitlin, so it's all good!

Glee! ^_^
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