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Want some pepperoni?

I desperately could use a shave. I'm in need of a shower. Cutting these fingernails couldn't hurt either. But there's some good news.

I just saved fifteen percent on my car insurance by switching to Geico! :DDDD

...oh yeah, and I got a Pizza Cat costume done!

Over the weekend, I stayed at Kristen's place and things went remarkably well with us assembling the costume! Her mom helped a lot too! Plenty of welcome and unwelcome surprises came with putting it all together, but I can confidently say that right now Polly Ester is going to be at Anime Central :) Just a small piece needs to be finished, and that's that!

It's still hard to believe that it's this Friday. You know, I'm sure everything is going to hit me as soon as I get there. Last year, I walked through those doors adorned as Samurai Pizza Cat extraordinaire, Speedy Cerviche, and the hotel, the layout, the people. It seemed like it wasn't that long ago since I had last been there--one year beforehand when I was Dan Hibiki, and my dad started questioning my sexuality when I asked if he could help me dye my old karate gi pink.

And now this year I'm returning to there once again, and again dressed in Pizza Cat attire. I'm happy to say...oh yeah, I didn't tell you people, did I.

I've got a new AMV that's in Anime Central's contest!!!

Hee~! -^_^- It'll be online relatively soon, I just need to finalize some things with the internet's version. But anyways, it's Trigun (explaining why I've made little Trigun mini-movies lately XD; ), and as for the song--actually, know what, I'll hold off on telling you that. Just because I'm sadistic like that, and will make you people wait with fevered anticipation, wondering what this melody is that has breathed life and energy into this new video from me, combining the fluidity of Japanese animation with an anthem that will be the voice piece to communicate its message and meaning to the world!!

...plus I don't wanna get made fun of for using the song until you all can see it for yourselves XD;;

Oh hey, Dad's awake and I can get to the bathroom now! WHOO, cleanage!!!
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