Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Aye chihuahuah...!

Well this was certainly...surprising. All right, I've been without a computer for over a week now, and just yesterday I got it and my internet back. There are some choice words I have concerning the one responsible, but I'll keep them to myself. Besides, I have 50 more gigs of storage now. Hopefully I'll be able to use 'em o_O

Anyways, after Anime Central was gone and past, I had my final in Psychology. I hope that I did well...! >_< I think that I could have done better in that class, but unfortunately issues with the textbook (i.e., not having one for most the semester) put something of a damper on that...but also some of that's my own responsibility, so...bleh x_x But!! Concerning the final, I do believe that I did very well on it! I think I got out of that class with at least a C! =) Sure, some folks say that college Psychology is easy...but I think I must have gotten a different strain or something o_o;

Well, since Anime Central, finals, and a myriad of other things are past...life has finally slowed down a bit. There are few things with which I need to concern myself now. One of them is a meeting I'm to attend on May 28th to hopefully get approval to do my beginners AMV panel at Jafax. Another is taping a movie that comes on this Friday night. Umm, let's see...I recently went through my room and got the VHS's, DVD's, and CD's all orgamanized. Oh yeah, and my parents bought a dog.

A~ll right, I'll explain this how it all happened. On Tuesday, I was on my way home. I had text messaged Dad asking him if it was okay if I got out of the house come evening, so I could see some friends. Dad said yeah...and also him and Mom were at the casino boat, Mom hit the quarters jackpot and got over $600, they were eating a luxurious buffet with their winnings...and oh yeah, there's spaghetti in the fridge that I could microwave. Enjoy your dinner~<3! x_X;

Then came today. The house was empty, because Dad took Mom to rehab, so that meant I could get to do whatever I wanted in the house. Whatever...I...wanted. My rules. My house. Anything goes. Eh heh heh heh heh...!! And I set my diabolical plan into motion, which was...lying on my bed and watching tv!! =) Wow, I can catch so many cartoons that kids in school miss out on! Sweet!! ...of course, I had the volume cranked up, so I didn't hear Dad come in the house. He came to my room. "Mike, Mike! Come see your new brother, you'll never believe it!"

I arched a brow at him, because I didn't feel like getting up. Usually when Dad's said stuff like this, I ended up finding one of our cats wrapped up in a blanket as a pseudo baby. "G'ahh, I don't want it, put it back!" I'd tell him. But this ended up being different. Dad led me to his car and told me to open Mom's door. I skeptically opened it up and looked in. Yup, Mom was sitting there buckled in, but on her lap she was holding a chihuahuah puppy. I blinked...then reached in, picked it up, and held it out in front of me with both hands. "It's tiny. Whose is he?" "Ours."

As it turns out, Dad had purchased the dog with what they had earned from the casino. ...sheesh, a freaking expensive dog...and it doesn't like being left alone either! It WHINES and CRIES if this horrid atrocity is committing. ...sheesh, you should have heard it last night when it got put in its cage >_< Anyways, Dad missed having a lapdog ever since Teena was killed by a raccoon (joyful story, ain't it! ^_^; ). I suppose you can't get any smaller than a chihuahuah...and trust me, this dog IS a lapdog o_O He has spunk and everything, but if you give him the chance, he will virtually be glued to you.

Today's another day to see how he takes to the house and its inhabitants. ...the inhabitants have already expressed their opinions (I quote the cats: "Hsssss!"). But there's something that needs to be taken care of.


A small, black chihuahuah with big ears. Suggested names so far have been Taco, Chalupa, Little Dude, Chip, Chibi, Pepe, Darth Vader, Tiger, and Cricket. But I'm trusting you internet lot to give more names. So comment away and lemme hear some nice ones! =)
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