Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Run Mikey Run

I had woken up early to finish a report for English. The assignment was a movie review, so I chose Princess Mononoke. Almost four double-spaced pages later, and I was finished. I looked at the clock--I had to leave in five minutes. I hit the Random button in the media player, and during throwing everything on and together, I was treated to the full version Dynamite Rave. Like the opening to a school days anime, I changed down the hall with my hair a mess and my bag swinging at my side. A brief stop in the kitchen and a kiss to Mom. "Love you!" Then I was out the door.

Running to my car and with habituated moves and reflexes, I was in my car, buckled in, and out of the driveway in five seconds as the soundtrack to Run Lola Run began pumping through my speakers. I put on my sun glasses, the light reflecting off them a moment, and turned the corner. The beats pounding, the tires turning, and the engine going, I was behind the wheel determined to make it to class on time. Dobberstein was not kind to those who were late, and passing by an LED bank sign showed me I was already behind. I let myself press down on the gas a little more, and darted through Portage to the interstate. The Corolla made the wide arc and merged, then after waiting for a truck to pass, I had free reign and pressed the pedal. In the back of my mind, I was kicking myself for mistakenly falling asleep the night before and not doing the report then; otherwise, I could have left on time, and maybe even had had enough time to get to the computer lab to get it printed out. "I want you to try (try) needing to know why (why). No kidding, no sin (sin), no running, no win (win). I beliiiieee~ve!"

Kennedy Avenue, that was my stop. I shifted to the exit lane (using my turn signal, of course!), and then using some back streets, I made it onto the campus parking lot. Parking as close to the door as possible without being picky about finding a spot, I tossed my sunglasses onto the passenger seat, grabbed my bag, and after flipping the Lock switch, my feet steadily beat on the pavement as I ran for the door. "I wish I was a stranger, who wanders down the sky. I wish I was a starship, in silence flying by. I wish I was a princess [edit: quiet now, it's part of the song!], with armies at her hand. I wish I was a ruler who'd make them understand." The music kept pumping in my head. I didn't know if I was late or not, only knowing I had to push everything I had to get to that classroom. I threw the glass door open and bolted up the steps with my bag swinging with every movement of my arm. The halls were quiet, but that wasn't necessarily indicative of the time. There, Room 144.

The room was dark. I had forgotten we were going to be at the computer lab today. I blinked in surprise, and the soundtrack stopped. I ended up being late anyways.


Later, I would find out the report I had worked so hard on wasn't even due that day! Instead...the final draft of another paper, which had skipped my mind the previous night, was due. I had an anime moment where I went completely black and white staring off distantly.

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