Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Well, well! Hello, internet! I have a little bit of time right now, so I thought I'd make a post in here. Yes, I understand that there're some of you out there who regularly check my journal and wonder where the heck I went for over two months. In all honesty...nowhere ^_^; Life, school, and...life have kept me at bay from posting anything. I'm doing quite okay, though!

...oh yeah, and Mom insisted on naming the dog "Taco." I liked "Pepe" better, though! After my favorite Mexican restaurant! :( Oh yeah, and did you know that the Aztecs viewed chihuahuas as gods? Apparently this little dude heard about it. He continually sits perched and proud on Mom's lap, and is not afraid of barking and/or growling at people that startle him or bug him even a little bit. He's not afraid of nipping your fingers either if you mess with his head! Aaaand he looooooves grabbing anything loose on the floor and dragging it into the living room...which means that socks, underwear, and (shredded) newspapers have found their way into there. Freaking dog.... Nothing of mine, thankfully!

Anyways, I suppose I should write a quick update of things that have happened with me potentially writing and going into more detail in a later post or two. I attended Jafax, an anime conv--expo, I mean, and held a panel there. I freaking rocked it. I also participated in their AMV contest. I rocked that as well. I also got tears out of people with my Eva "Hero" vid X3 I hate the fact I make people cry with it...but I thoroughly enjoy the fact I was able to touch people's lives through it! Also, during my absence, I took a trip. It was a secret ninja trip. Where I went, I can't say, and those who know have been sworn to absolute and total secrecy. But I will tell you about the juicy details...

The moon was full as it shone over feudal Japan, as the clear, bright, and starry sky looked down over the quiet city. At Edo Castle, the shogun was laughing and having a fun time flirting with some ladies who only entertained him for his money and not for his company. He was actually a greedy man with a long beard and a raucous mustache, plump from eating a lot, while the citizens barely made it by. They were all kept in their place by his oppressive rule and militant secret police. The shogun expected to live forever. He expected for the citizens to work for him without much complaint. But there was something he didn't expect--me.

And that about sums it up. Anyways, again, I'm in school, and actually will have to get off this computer in a little bit to briefly attend class. Today is one of the few days I actually have a shortened period...which explains why I'm on the computer right now! Classes here are going pretty well, and the last I heard, I'm getting good grades, including that English class. I hope to work on my schedule with my advisor person for the next semester come Thursday, and actually have a list sitting right next to me of classes and times recommended to me by my pal Jade! It's freaking cool knowing somebody here! :3

Oh yeah, and I now got Chuck Norris's autobiography X3

Anyways, as I said, class is coming up, so I'll be signing off of here. See you, LJ friends, I do miss you all!
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