Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"Kick butt"

That is the phrase that I was looking for for a long time to describe what I was trying to describe. As incredulous as this sounds, I sat stammering in front of my English professor trying to describe exactly what it was about today's society that they found so cool about ninjas. I described to him how ninjas were in the past--shadowy figures, some who were mercenaries, who specialized in espionage, thievery, and assassination. Though Tokugawa used the Iga and Koga clans to unite Japan at the end of the Warring States era (and later a ninja saved his life), generally speaking, ninjas were not exactly good people. Yet today, they're viewed as action stars, impossible foes, easy to defeat redshirts, wailing guitars on rooftops, or delivering fast food. Then the words came to me. "They kick butt."

I have received numerous odd glances from Professor Dobberstein during my time in his class. I haven't written about a single topic which he's found normal. I've done reviews on two Studio Ghibli movies, Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke. I've written a profile on Chuck Norris. And now for the final paper, I'm to write a five to seven page paper...on ninjas in the media.

(fyi to the grammar nazi crowd, yes, I'm aware the proper plural form of ninja is "ninja," but honestly, when somebody tells me to "watch out for the ninja," I don't want to end up with a shuriken in my face, because I thought there was only one ninja, because some stupid grammatical rule made me think so in the first place! ...plus society accepts the useage of that pluralization, so nyeah!)

Anyways, just letting all you readers of the internet know, yes, school is actually proceeding along very well :) I'm getting low A's or high B's in all my classes...as...far as I know. I even have the classes for the next semester scheduled...and unfortunately, they're likely to be more humdrum classes concerning things I mostly don't care about ^_^;; No offense to the instructors or anything!! But...Political Science?! I don't wanna take Political Science!

Mom's doing okay. The rodent--chihuahuah, I mean, is doing okay (pooptastic...). Everyone's doing okay. I saw the Superman movie and Pirates of the Carribean, and that was an experience. Our weather's also been crazy lately with muggy days and stormy nights. When I went out to grab Taco Bell two hours ago, the sky was bright and shining. Now it's heavily clouded over and muggy. You know, I also just realized I haven't been to the beach yet this summer. Dangit, Lake Michigan rocks! At least everything except the high bacteria count rocks. But yeah!

One of these days I really need to sit down and fill the internet in on a bunch of details and events that've occurred during my absence. Lots of things happened. But you know what? I need to go back to class at the moment, and right now, I think I wanna flip out.

flipping out, brb
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