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Yesterday, it stormed pretty hard. I drove home in it, actually, and it was one of those rains where your wipers are on full-blast, you're driving slow, and there are some parts on the road where the puddles are at least six inches deep, and raging torrents of splashed water threaten to drown your engine. Driving on the freeway is not an advisable thing at all to do during such inclimate weather! But that's not what this entry is about.

Yesterday, after class had finally let out, I was heading out of the building. Right upon seeing the glass doors, I actually found myself audibly remarking at how dark it was outside. I went outside and looked up at the sky. There was a very ominous and threatening weather front moving in. Already, some droplets of water were sparingly falling from the sky. "Normal" people would find somewhere to go sit, chill, and possibly wait the storm out. I smiled. I'm not one of those people.

I hopped in my car and threw my schoolbag (gently...I think) into the passenger side foot area, and drove my car not off of campus, but rather to the very top of the university's parking garage. See, being that it's summer, not as many classes are being held and not as many people are on campus. Therefore, the roof of the garage = empty! ...crud, almost the whole four-story garage save for the ground floor is empty!

I reached the tilted roof right as some Phil Collins song ended playing. You know...I love it on that roof. I've eaten lunch up there with only my car as company before! Actually...I love being on any roof...but that's beside the point. Upon reaching the roof, I got my car whirled around and in position to face the incoming storm. I then took a neato picture of my car and the approaching storm with my camera phone! :D

It was around then the storm started. The wind picked up, as well as the rain, then the wind really picked up, and carried the hammering rain along with it. What started as a quiet irregular staccato of raindrops ended up beginning to grow into a roar on my roof. I got out of the car, took some steps away, then with my eyes closed I stretched out my arms with my fists balled, and felt the storm hit me...and I was smiling the whole time. The rain pelted me hard, soaking my hair and the front of my shirt and pants (because I was directly facing the wind, the rear portions hardly were wet!) The wind blew fierce, even fiercer than usual since it was high up, and the overshirt I was wearing billowed behind me like I was supposed to be some comic book or anime hero in a dramatic supernatural moment.

The wind and rain continued to pelt me and twist around me. There was nothing playful about this weather at all; it was just a full-on shove from nature. I actually had to readjust my footing a couple times because of the strength, yet I tried to keep my firm stance against the wind with my arms out. Whether I was trying to block the storm to try and be strong or if I possibly was just trying to feel all of the storm's force, I'm not entirely sure.

Eventually, I slowly dropped my arms to my sides and opened up my hands with palms out, now just feeling the storm as it occurred. The force wasn't against me wasn't as great now. By about this time, I was pretty soaked. I cracked a smile, turned my head from the rain's onslaught, and wiped my eyes. It felt absolutely wonderful! The forces of nature just felt so alive! A magnificent creation of God! I let out a laugh as I whirled about face and ran around the roof a little. The first roll of thunder sounded overhead, signaling lightning somewhere. Lightning wasn't something that was on my mind really as I then got into my car. Instead, I just needed to get home, plus I was kind of hungry. Van Halen started playing then. I ended up having to drive home without a shirt, because I was so soaked.

Yes, people have called me crazy before.
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