Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Obligatory Sept. 17 entry

Hey folks ;) Yes, I know that technically this should have been posted yesterday...but I decided not to yesterday, and do something else. And I could decide what I wanted to do because it was my birthday. I know that if I don't write about this, somebody else will, so I might as well bring it up. Anyways, I want to thank you LJ friends who wrote me well wishes. Thanks a bunch, all of your freaking rock :)

I'll post in another entry later on exactly what I got, but there's actually something else I want to write about instead of going "wheeee~ it was my birthday lolz!!1!" You see, I'm a frequenter of YouTube, and I came across a person...well, more like a group which I developed a lot of respect for. I don't know if any of you would be aware of them, but they're caled "Improv Everywhere." They perfect skits/scenes/pranks in public that a lot of people witness and usually there's never a hint given that it's a stunt, so the public takes it as real. One of my favorites is listed below. In this one, they faked that they were U2, but a lot of the public had no idea, and they went wild.

Anyways, I was curious about the general opinion of people. If you go to their site, you'll find a lot of stunts they pulled which, while not necessarily "real," did brighten a lot of people's days. Like when they pulled a surprise birthday party for someone on a subway car, even going as far as to decorate it up, get cupcakes, and actually got everyone into a festive mood (it wasn't the person's birthday, fyi). Now while these events are fantastic, they're still built on deception, so here's where the quandry comes in. Is it better to make someone's day better with a fantastic event, even if it might be fake (a "lie"...?), or to allow one's day to go on as normal?

Anyways, I gotta run to class (two minutes till it starts, yikes!). You all take care! =)
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