Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Arr you ready to rock?

I suppose I'll be dealing with the most pressing matter first. As many of you already know, today is September 19th. "So"? Soooo...it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yes...I'm serious. Ninjas are still superior!!

So in celebration, I thought I'd share this lovely pic.

Anyways, I'm also supposed to share what I got for my birthday! Well, I don't quite know if it's a reflection of the craziness of the people I know or myself, but I got the Snakes on a Plane comic book adaptation and spinners...spinning rims to put on the wheels of my 2005 Toyota Corolla. I've got a feeling I'm going to be jumped XD But at the same time, I'll sport those spinners with pride! I'm ridin' spinnahs, I'm ridin' spinnahs. [/ghetto]

This is like an ending I'd make!! XD
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