Mikey (neomikey) wrote,


Y'know, just because, I think I'll give a random and likely incomplete list of things I find awesome and/or hilarious. In no specific order...

Explosions, lasers, kitties, ninjas, cuteness, snakes and planes, pirates, Chuck Norris, the internet, yelling, Mr. T, things comically oversized, speed lines, Engrish, time travel, time paradoxes, cluelessness, parodies, the blue screen of death, kitties, sentences starting with "Dude," kung fu, giant robots, bad puns and jokes, the 80's, Katamari Damacy, cat girls, "all your base," Radical Edward, cartoons, Darth Vader, Mountain Dew, the cast of Azumanga Daioh, barrell rolls, eating, "o rly," l33tness, Abraham Lincoln, kitties, old videogames, Godzilla, obscurity, non-furry anthropomorphism, Dance Dance Revolution, non-sentient objects on fire, pwnage, lol'ing, dramatic close-ups/shots/stances/poses, Batman, cookies, Canada, throwing things, sneaking, lightsabers, cool guitars, things that fly but aren't supposed to, [object]-tans, Pikachu, flailing about, spontaneity, oversimplification, the Samurai Pizza Cats, big cardboard boxes, monkeys, pointing at things, Phoenix Wright, the Kool-Aid guy, Puchiko, kittens, possessing a power level of one trillion, crayons, sharks, way too much firepower, people/places/things in spaaaaace, spinning around, chainsaws, sporks, M.C. Hammer, comedically large quantities, breathing fire/lasers, Street Fighter, tanks, Terry Tate, bumping into things, towers of stuff, tyrannosaurus rexes, pie, and kittens.


P.S.: Oh yeah, I hate myself for doing this...well, actually...nahhhh X3
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