Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Rant, rant, rant...concerning YouTube and AMV's

A~ll right. Listen, in case anybody from YouTube happens to find their way here, if you make AMV's, I'm sorry if you take offense to anything I'll be saying.

See...well, YouTube. It's a nice site. It's a place where anybody and pretty much everybody can upload their videos! There are people from television networks who put stuff there, even exclusively! Then you've got the 14 year-old kids who think that the video they made is the most hilarious thing evar and wanna share it with the world (it's normally not, really). Then there's everybody in-between. I mean, for crying out loud, Mark Lowry, of all people, has a video log on there! And you know, the accessibility and universality of this site is partially what its appeal is. It's like DeviantArt for videos!

I imagine it goes without saying there's a lot of crap and a lot of gems on there. That's not what this rant is about. See, as about everyone reading this knows, I'm an AMV editor. I like to think I'm a pretty good one, though without the programs of the higher-ups. Those familiar with the AMV world will be able to tell you that there are loads of crappy videos out there. No synching, no originality, subtitles and DivX watermarks left there (obviously ganked from fansubs), millions and jillions of rehashed ideas...and lots of Linkin Park. If you put stuff like this on A-M-V.org, you'll immediately be shunned.

However...on YouTube, there are no such standards. Any middle schooler who downloads some fansubbed anime, can operate Windows Movie Maker in the most basic of ways, and can think of a song to put with the anime footage (whether it's a good/original idea or not) can easily make an "AMV." In the most basic of definitions, yes, it technically is an "anime music video," because it has anime footage paired with music in a video format, but they're not good. However...the viewers of YouTube don't know that. I'm not calling the viewers of YouTube "stupid," because they really don't know any better. But there is a lot of crap on there that gets so much praise and lauding. "this is the best video EVER i laughed sooooooooo hard lolz!!!" Meanwhile, there're folks who work hard on videos, get them uploaded, and the quality of what's produced is essentially lost on the viewing audience.

This isn't necessarily a rant saying "why won't people pay attention to meeeee?!" because honestly, I'm just glad that people watch my videos in the first place. What I'm more concerned about is...why are people who make crap videos becoming famous on YouTube?! Dagummit...!

Anyways, I just want to clarify that I love YouTube, so nobody think that I don't. It's just in the AMV department...yeahh, if it didn't make me look like some big-headed egotistical editor, I'd get a megaphone and yell at most the people there "Stop liking bad videos!!"

And for thanks for putting up with my ranting. Have a professional music video! :)

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