Mikey (neomikey) wrote,


That is it! I have had it with these mother-heffer politics in my mother-heffer face!! Moo.

All right, all right, I know everyone and their mom has an opinion on politics, strong arguments, yadda yadda yadda. I also know that recently that we in the US of A had an election. I unfortunately didn't get to vote, but that's okay, because I didn't know much about the candidates anyways.

But the thing is...graghhhh, jfkls;daghalsjf, I've been dealing with hearing people go on and on about political babble, debating with each other, sometimes even bordering on angry! Now I'm not saying it's bad to not have any interest in politics, nor possibly discuss that with others. Having an interest in politics (in moderation) is a healthy thing, I imagine. To be properly informed about the issues is a good thing. Unfortunately in our political system, there never seems to be 100% "right" or "wrong" area. I've heard Democrats referred to as hippy scum and Republicans referred to as the devil. I've heard people use loaded language. I've heard people continue to go back and forth about any and everything. "lolol bush is teh sux" "lolol no ur teh stoopid" "no u!" "do u hate ur contry??" "no, u hate urs!!!"

Zoh...em...goose...just...just shut up! Please! With all due respect, please!

I'm sorry, but as I said, I'm all about the debating of politics...but I think there's a proper time and place for it. And I'm freaking glad I've not been pulled into any debates, because if it was brought up with them that I was a born-again Christian, I can imagine all the loaded questions I'd get. "So! What do you think of gay rights?" "What about the war in Iraq?" "You're one of those Christians, huh? So you're like Bush!!" Then no matter what I'd say, it's a lose-lose situation :\

I have my political beliefs, but they're not too strong, because a.) I'm not well informed about politics and issues, and I refuse to be 100% on something unless I know everything, and b.) I think there are more important things than worrying about what's happening overseas and on Capitol Hill =\ I can vote to change things, yes. I could run for office to get things changed...i~n over a decade. I could try working alongside a group or rally to get the public informed about some issue, sure. But you know what the most I can do right now is? Give someone a friendly smile and try to make their day.

I'm sorry, but politics is seriously not my thing. I leave that up to the politicians, though I know stereotypically they're a bunch of scuzzbuckets. I can't change the fact that they're apparent scuzzbuckets, though. This isn't a dictatorship, where one person controls everything. This isn't like Triple X 2, where the American government is attempted to be toppled. This isn't a simple place we're in. Sheesh, I'm in an American Politics class, and I'm finding out how intricate our government is, plus all the drama that goes on there =\ Disagreements and deals between Congress and the President decide the fate of many things in the country. It's a freaking circus! There is no simple solution to our government, not everyone is going to be made happy with the decisions made, and in all honesty, likely everyone is going to be mad or disappointed about something.

So again the question comes to what am I going to do? Being as it seems I can't do anything political...I think I'm going to contrinue to live my life not worrying about politics, and try to make the world a better place when and where I can. Try to make someone's day better, make someone smile, buy a Pepsi for someone, engage in friendly and uplifting conversation. I've just had it with people making wild motions and tossing out words like "anti-choice." I have my own political beliefs, and like I said, they're not exactly too strong, but there are some issues I believe to be a certain way, and if you think differently, I personally think you're wrong, but I'm not going to get into long-winded discussions and debates concerning them. I just want all the politics talk to just stop...or at the very least taken down to a tolerable notch :\ Thanks for reading all this...!

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