Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Day of the Ninja, 2006

On September 19th, there is a curious holiday. It had its origins on the internet, I'm sure, but now it's widely celebrated, more or less. "Talk Like a Pirate Day." Arr, avast, etc. Well, there is also another holiday which rose up in response to this...which happens to be today. What is it called?

Thaaaaat's right, ladies and gentlemen! Today is officially "Day of the Ninja." Wrap a black shirt around your head, become a shirt ninja, go about stealthily, and remember that silence is key and "there are no such things as ninjas...only incompetent samurai."

As for me, I really don't have any "ninja-ish" stuff to talk about I've done today...though my roleplaying game is going to go on in less than two hours. I hope to get a nice picture from that :) Mom's in the hospital right now...though don't fret, it's for nothing bad. She's just in there for rehab, plus getting some medicine that she wasn't able to here at home. So with Mom in the hospital, what am I supposed to do? Aside from play my music loud, smuggle up animals!! :D

Taco was the first one...well, actually first it was my Godzilla plushie, but next up was Taco. Stuffed into my pillow case, then held underneath my arm like a random package (he was small enough), he was surprisingly quiet during the whole sneaking mission! Mom was very happy to see him, and just like at home, he chilled, snuggling right up against her during the whole time.

During the next trip, Kristen, from up in Michigan happened to be in the area. Molly, our grey cat, got put into the pillow case and stuffed under Kristen's jacket, because...well, it made more sense if she was "pregnant" ^_^; Molly was quiet until we about got to Mom's floor, then Kristen and I had to start talking a little louder in order to drown out the meows. Thankfully, Mom's room wasn't far away then, and Molly got next to Mom and snuggled up. She liked that :) We later found out that it was okay to bring up animals, as long as they had their shots, so I decided to put Molly underneath my jacket on the way out, since we didn't have to be as careful. Kristen and I got out to about the sidewalk when I felt something wet on the hand holding up Molly. I took it away...and it was a miracle I then hardly got any pee on me. Pee came out of the pillow case, fell between my legs, and formed a growing puddle at my feet. I really hope it was only Kristen who saw that.... I couldn't help but laugh at how incredulous that was, and when I took Molly in the pillowcase out from under my jacket, she started crying. Poor girl; it was the first time that anything like that happened...but at the same time, I wasn't happy about making it look like I'd relieved myself in public, so the pillowcase went over my shoulder like some random sack. At least we didn't have to worry about Molly making a mess in the car now...!

There's honestly not too much to report about my life...which really could be the reason I've not made an entry since last month. Anyways, I hope you're all doing well! Take care!!

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