Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

December, times of ending and beginning

Like I said before, things have been slow with me lately. It's like the arrival of the coldness has just kind of cooled down the pace of life. Before December, I refused to believe in the existence of snow. When Justin, Renee, and I were going through Michigan to Youmacon, I simply told them the white stuff that was on the ground was mass conglomerations of an indigenous form of crystalline moss native to Michigan. Then on December 1st, I sleepily woke up and garbed in my bathrobe closed by a USB cable, I opened the back door to let the dogs out, and lo and behold, as if God was saying, "I brought ya something!" the world was covered in a thick white powder. Not that I actually mind, really! I love snow! Love it! My dream winter, though, is about 50 degrees with two feet of snow having fallen everywhere, except on the streets, sidewalks, and people's roofs.

With the arrival of December, though, the semester will be coming to a close soon enough. Like an idiot, though, I forgot to talk to my advisor early about scheduling classes x_X;; And with that...well, I'm honestly really looking forward to Christmas break. This semester has been pretty...droll, I suppose. Pretty uninteresting. No offense to my professors or anything, but it's just the subject material really hasn't interested me as classes in the past have. Sure, there are some interesting things I've learned, but...well, how interesting would you find learning about the mechanics of the American government? Maybe, maybe the switch will be nice.

Speaking of switches, though I'm sure the majority of people reading this will say this, I finally switched to Firefox. Not on purpose, mind you! I "upgraded" Internet Explorer, and what happens? I don't know if something went wrong or the people at Microsoft royally messed up, but suddenly my buttons are gone, and I don't even have a bar with File or Tools or anything on there! So I tried the foxxy alternative, and...hey, this's pretty cool! Yeah, take that, Micro$oft! That's right, I spelled it that way on purpose!

And finally, quickly letting the internet know, any and all who read this, whether you're video editors, people who'd like to be video editors, or at least liked AMV Hell 3, I'd like to let you know that recently it was announced, yes, there will be an AMV Hell 4, called "AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture II: AMV Hell 4" (good luck remembering that...!). If you'd like to check out the rules and regulations, go check out the thread right here. I'm disappointed about the "music only" rule, but they are called "anime music videos," I suppose. I hope to submit multiple clips this time, and would like to help anyone out who's interested in making a clip, but doesn't know where to begin!

Take care, internet, and stay warm if you're in the northern hemisphere! If you're in the southern hemisphere...like possibly Australia...send us your warm weather plz! :(

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