Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I'm out!

That's it, I quit college! I can't handle all that scholastic BS anymore!!


Had you going, didn't I ;D No, the new semester starts around the middle of January. My gosh, trust me, it feels good to be out for a little bit. I've really been looking forward to the end of this semester and this break. You've read about my class woes in previous entries, I'm sure. Now that I'm out, I can't help but feel like I really could have done better with my classes this semester. I think I let myself deal with school a little too relaxedly this time around. Dangit....

I tried to make it up during my Finals, though. The night before, thanks to Red Bull, I stood up most the night before, there in the kitchen with papers and notes taken out and splayed out on the floor, while I sat on the rug wrapped up in a blanket with a chair next to me with a bowl of homemade white chocolate pudding on it. Sure it sounds odd, but I daresay it was conducive to learning! I really just wish I could have learned more with American Government. That's the Final that worries me.... You know, I learned a lot in that class, don't get me wrong, I did...but yet the professor never did say what the difference is between Congress, the Senate, and the House of Representatives o_o;; The subject just never brought up at all! We just talked about Congress.

Anyways, with the end of classes until next year, it being December, Christmas now is the main focus of America. Sure, it technically was ever since midnight right after Thanksgiving...but at least now I'm noticing it ^_^; Holiday specials are on tv...and you know what, I still have yet to ever watch "It's a Wonderful Life." I actually feel a little disappointed in myself! I also wanna watch Charlie Brown's Christmas special, because the simple humor displayed there could almost be considered a decades-old precursor to Azumanga Daioh :) One Christmas special I enjoyed yesterday was the second Tenchi Muyo movie! Whoo! Sure, there are a...couple scenes in there which made me cringe, but in the end, love conquers all! (who didn't see that coming, right? ;D )

There's one holiday special you won't see on tv, though. It's one that a man has been trying to bury and have all traces of it lost since the late 70's/early 80's. See, after the first Star Wars movie, George Lucas, along with the original movie cast, made the Star Wars Holiday Special. The only way it's viewable nowadays is through fan-produced bootleg DVD's...and YouTube. So without further ado, I'd like to present the beginning portion of the Star Wars Holiday Special!

Happy Life Day!! :D
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