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Around, um...last Friday, I was out with Dad. We dropped by the otaku family's house to go say hi, plus I wanted them to meet each other (weird I've known them for years, and that was their first meeting, huh?). While there, Shaina randomly asked me, "Hey, want to wait with me for a Wii tomorrow?" Dad confirmed he would be home, so I replied, "Okay." Shaina wasn't expecting this, and when confirming with me I was really willing to sit outside for an entire night with her to get a Wii (I've been wanting one too, actually), I shrugged and calmly said, "Yeah."

So the next night, I dropped by their place again. "You're sure you want to do this?" We both were sure, so...we set out, and after a brief stop at Wendy's, we arrived at Gamestop barely after 10. We were both surprised to see that nobody was standing in line already, what with the crazies out there ("Kettle to pot, this is kettle to pot. You are black, over."). Shaina got her collapsable chair ready, I got situated on the concrete, and...started the wait. Before 11, the employees left the store, and I announced to them proudly, "We're first in line! We'll keep a watch on the store for you guys overnight!" "You guys are devoted fans..." the manager said. "Here, take these," and handed us free t-shirts--black with some muscle-bound, shirtless guy wielding the Wii remote and nunchuck.

So the wait began. You know, being here in Indiana in the middle of December, you'd figure the night would be cold. Shaina and I sure dressed for coldness! Multiple layers, blanket, everything! I even parked the car close by so we could chill (no pun intended) in there, plus listen to my CD's as the night went on. But...it was unseasonably warm, surprisingly. About 50-ish degrees Fahrenheit (about 10 Celcius, for all you Europeans), so there was no problem at all. We were quite comfortable!

Shaina and I agreed we were both the first in line, and instead of giving ourselves ranking ("I was first to the door!" "But it was my idea first!"), we called ourselves the 1.5th in line :3 The night passed slowly, but surely...and by the end, it actually seemed like the whole twelve hours we'd waited went by kinda quickly. We both took a small nap at some point, Shaina in her chair with a sheet of fabric and I on a spread towel with a pillow. I thought that was kinda cool, because I got to sleep like a homeless person! I'm surprised at how non-uncomfortable the concrete was!

During the night, I played the GBA version of Super Mario Brothers 2, and...I finally beat it! I beat it!! I~ bea~t iiiiiit...! Trust me, it was a very good feeling. As a kid, that was a game I enjoyed thoroughly, and y'know, I think aside from Samus Aran, Princess Peach was the first female character I ever enjoyed playing as (she could float!). As I progressed through the game, I was actually surprised I wasn't as impressed with the game when I was a kid. Shaina kept rolling her eyes and laughing at some of the stuff I was saying, but I kept insisting that game was a work of art, and they hardly make games like that anymore. Picking up enemies and throwing them at others, I battled through deserts, deftly maneuvered through caves, hopped on the backs of whales in Arctic-like conditions, rode on an egg propelled through the air, ascended a waterfall with the help of a magic carpet, caught bombs thrown by a giant mouse with sunglasses and threw them back at him, was chased by vengeful floating masks, was warped around the world through a vase, and defeated some of Dream Land's toughest foes. Then finally...I reached the clouds, where Wart, the tyrranical ruler of Dream World lied. Bravely I went into the castle, facing the toughest challenges yet, then finally confronted the reptile himself. A harsh battle ensued, but eventually, I made him choke on the very food on which he had gorged and grown fat. Then finally...Dream World was free.

Shaina and I passed the time by talking and playfully picking on each other ("You're fat!" "You're ugly!"), playing video games, playing catch with Godzilla-kun, listening to my CD's (actually, mostly just one CD played, because I couldn't find my usual collection o_o; ), and...well, that was really it. Twelve hours...and thankfully there was a gas station right behind the store, so that was awfully convenient for us ^_^;

About 1, a middle/high school student and his dad joined us, then people slowly began trickling in. They were all quite nice, really! None of them were, "Argh, give me Wii!!1!" cutthroat. It wasn't until about two hours before the store was to open a guy arrived who, though he "tried" not to be blatant about it, was trying to bully his way into the front of the line. He'd stand there right by us, looking in the store, and just...standing there, then lighting up cigarettes, not caring everyone was choking on the smoke even when we asked him to move away, then would walk away to talk on his cell phone. Someone said they overheard him mumble on there, "I'm getting in there...." Thankfully, the entire line seemed to give off a silent sense of hostility towards him (think that wavy purple aura seen in anime), and if he tried anything, I'm sure they'd have bumrushed him.

The store finally opened, I lost in a Paper-Rock-Scissors match with Shaina, so she got to buy hers first, and when I walked outside, I held up the large bag with the system, and announced, "Wiiiiii~!!" I then licked the box to get my germs on it, so nobody would try to take it, because it was mine. I then...proceeded to go home, promptly giving way to sleep. Phew....

On the way home, though, I got a message from Dad. "Just put it on the table, and I'll wrap it when I get home." Eh...? W-wait, I can't play Wii till Christmas?! Awww! T_T

Well, speaking of Christmas, it's only four days away now, ain't it? Man, feels weird.... Anyways, yes Biccy, I still live at the same place, and thank you very, very much :) And now...to continue onwards with the highlights of the Star Wars Holiday Special!! Enjoy!! =)

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