Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Wear and tear

Welp, tomorrow is Christmas! Yes, Christmas, the day where I'll be able to play my Wii (which I stood in line for >_>;; ), plus maybe the Christmas Ninja will grace people's houses once again. It's been a little hectic with me, though, for various reasons, which I won't go into.

Unfortunately, I think, for whatever reason, I've actually been getting worn down some. My sleeping schedule's become erratic, I've felt off-and-on sick a little the past week-ish, plus my ankle was bothering me o_o; See, when I was waiting in line for the Wii, I hopped off about a two-foot ledge at one point, but then out of nowhere, my right ankle hurt for a moment. I forgot all about that...until about two days later, when suddenly it hurt some to walk on it. Then for the days following afterwards, I was limping around like a cripple o_O ...well...not too bad, but I'll tell you, it made "regular" walking not the most feasible. Thankfully, since about yesterday, I've been able to walk about normally, so...yes, things are good! I...hope. Please pray for me, if you do that, because I'll be out of town for awhile come Thursday ^_^;;

With the Christmas season around, while it's traditional to think of the breaks that people get as meant to be relaxing, I've actually found myself running around a whole lot ever since school let out. It's because everyone else is on break now too! Not that I mind, really. Well...mostly ^_^; But even still, I like to think about Christmas not so much as being a time for giving and getting presents, but more about the charitable acts and goodwill that hopefully spontaneously comes from people's hearts this time of year. I know tomorrow there are probably a handful of your LJ people who will post stuff like, "It's Monday" or "It's just the 25th." Listen, you're missing the point! While Christmas can be about seeing family and/or friends, it's obvious not everyone in the world can do that. It should more be about a feeling, a state of mind, where (though I'm sure the world might not entirely reciprocate it) you're just willing to go and be nice to people, patch things up if they need to be, and hopefully just have a day where everyone can feel good and maybe even try and make the world a better place...at least for just one day. I know it sounds cheesy and likely like some low-budget Christmas special, but honestly, what's wrong with at least giving that a try? What's wrong with trying to make the world better or being happy?

Anyways, continuing with what I've been the past couple entries, we now return to the Star Wars Holiday Special, where now you'll see the special animated short, where Boba Fett was first introduced! Enjoy it! :D

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